GWR Flower Class No.4113  HYACINTHE

The Martin Finney kit includes alternative parts ie standard frames (Atbara) and deep frames (Flower),
frame strengthening plates, D2 ( half cone) or D3 ( three quarter cone) boilers, 3 cabs, 3 chimneys, 
with or without top feed, splashers with or without brass beading etc.

This has enabled the model of HYACINTHE to be built showing the locomotive in original 1908 condition.  

Full lining is shown with the frames (both loco and tender), bogie and guard-irons etc. also lined.

The set of plates was obtained from Diane Carney, Glasgow (including the name as originally
                                                                                                           spelt  by the GWR ie wrongly!)

Model built, painted and lined by Chris Wesson