Kit Reviews etc.

MRJ No.16   4mm GWR Aberdare Kit launch details  
MRJ No.22   4mm GWR 3232 Kit launch details  
MRJ No.34  1989 4mm GWR Bulldog Photo  
MRJ No.55  1991 4mm GWR Hall A 4mm Hall - Review and additional assembly tips John Hayes
MRJ Nov  1993 7mm LNER Gresley A3 Kit Launch details  
MRJ Nos. 66/7  1993 4mm LNER Gresley A3 Colorado State-of-the-art A3 - review and tips John Hayes
BRM Dec  1994 7mm LNER Gresley A3 A Quality Kit in O Gauge
Building the LNER A3
Deryck Featherstone
MRI Dec  1994 7mm GWR 1854/2721 0-6-0PT Kit Launch details  
MRJ No.76  1995 4mm GWR 41/51/61 Large Prairie Large Prairie in 4mm John Hayes
MRI April  1996 7mm LSWR Drummond M7 0-4-4T Critique Chris Wesson
BRM March  1997 7mm LNER Gresley A4 On The Right Tracks (pt3) 
Building the A4 (by a novice)
David Raynes
MRJ Nos. 94/5  1997 7mm LNER Gresley A4 Mallard - building the A4 Tim Watson
MRJ Nos. 126/7  2001 7mm LSWR Adams' Radial 4-4-2T Building the Martin Finney 7mm kit Chris Wesson
RM Aug  2001 7mm LNER Gresley A3 Gresley's Racehorse - the A3  
No 2752 Spion Kop as running in in 1939
Steve Barnfield
MRJ No. 136 2002 7mm LSWR Drummond M7 0-4-4T Distracted by a Drummond (or two) John Edwards
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