The CCADD conference held in 2003 at Bellem, Belgium included discussion of the following papers.  A list of those attending the conference is included, together with a copy of the conference programme, which included an impressive visit to, and service held at, the Menin Gate in nearby Ypres, where the names of many of those who fell in the Great War of 1914-18 are recorded for posteriority.
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Attendees for 2003 Conference  
CCADD CONFERENCE 2003 BELGIUM (Introduction & Agenda)  
God, Religion, Secularism and the Convention on the future of Europe Felix Leinemann, COMECE
Policing Al Qaida or Why the 'War on Terror' is a Mistake Brian Wicker
The concept of ‘Preventive War’ – Old wine in a new wineskin Hugh Beach
The Future of NATO and the European Security Defence Policy: Companions Or Competitors ? Major General (ret) Kees Homan RNLMC
Use (and abuse) of religion in building up or scaling down regional conflicts in the Balkans? Dr. Teodora Kosturkova
How Perilous is the Twenty-First Century? (The Treats and Perceptions of Danger) Dr. Victor E. Alessi
Chemical and Biological Weapons Proliferation: A Quaker Perspective David Atwood
The Right of the International Community to Intervene Michel Rougé
A very short overview of kinds of threat  Herman De Dijn