Mariahove Bellem

August 29 - September 2


Welcome, bienvenus, welkom


The annual ccadd conference will be held at Mariahove, a R.C. retreat center for the diocese of Ghent (Gent in Dutch/ Gand in French). The center is set in a XIXth century  manor (with XVIIIth century  dependencies).  Manor, dependencies and farmhouse are set themselves in a beautiful park. Mariahove is  situated near the village of Bellem, about 20 kms from Ghent and 25 kms from Bruges. Address: Mariahovelaan 2, B 9881 Bellem.


This year’s overall theme will be: a reflexion on ‘how to defend and/or disarm in a dangerous 21-st century?’  The new century has taken a  dramatic start with the IX-XI attacks in  New York and  with the military conflict in Iraq. An  intervention which  raised many  questions before it was undertaken and  perhaps even more since the ‘war’ took  place. Traditional relationships and transatlantic partnership came eventually under fire. Deep

 scepsis about the motives of leading politicians became instilled in the minds of the populations. Religious intolerance could become rampant over the next years in the whole of the Middle East. This year’s conference will perhaps not be able to deliver ‘the’ absolute solution to all our questions, but together we can try to provide insight in a fast developing and complex situation.


The  basic idea of CCADD is to look for insight and understanding  while listening to the views of all  partners at the conference,  even when their certainties or doubts seem from our own perspective futile or naïve.  The second sound idea about CCADD-conferences is that our reflexion on ‘worldly affairs’ as defense, terrorism, war, proliferation, threat, is always brought against the background of ethical and more specifically  christian approaches. The result  of both building blocks of any CCADD-conference is an open and friendly atmosphere, deepening  of insights and a renourishment of our christian beliefs.  




The conference fee (room, meals and excursion, 4 nights)  is set at 200 euro per person.


Friday August 29


time           session nr      subject            speaker          respondent    


13,00 hrs                         Arrival participants                         

16,00 hrs coffee                                     

17,00 hrs             Meeting of steering committee                             

18,00 hrs             Welcome to all participants


19,00 hrs dinner


20,30 hrs            

Session 1          

speaker                (B) - Dr. Herman De Dijn, Prof. Hoger Instituut Wijsbegeerte, Kath. Univ.  Leuven            Keynote presentation on the central theme – from a philosophical point of view.


21,45 hrs  Evening  prayers

Card. Godfried  Danneels, Archbishop of Malines-Brussels      



Saturday August 30


08,00 – 08,30 hrs          breakfast      

08,45 hrs Bible study    Prof. Hendrik Hoet  


09,15– 10,45 hrs

Session 2           .

speaker                USA -  Dr. Victor  Alessi (Washington) on  “Threat analysis & perception of danger”       

respondent:          UK - Sir Hugh Beach


10,45– 11,00 hrs            Coffee break 

11,00- 12,30 hrs


Session 3          

speaker                NL - Amb. Justus de Visser  (Vienna) on “Dangerous unilateralism versus dangerous  multilateralism”

respondent           US - Dr. Pierce Corden (CTBTO Vienna) “The opposite view”.


12,30 hrs Lunch            

15,00 hrs             Steering  committee                        

15,45- 16,15 hrs coffee break              



16,30- 18,00 hrs

Session 4          

speaker                UK - David Atwood (Q-UNOGeneva) on “Chemical and biological weapons proliferation: a Quaker perspective”

respondent           B -  Dr Tom  Sauer (Pol. Sciences KULeuven)    

18,30- 19,30  hrs dinner          



Session 5                      

Speaker               B - Prof. Johan Verstraeten (Ethics, KULeuven) “Just war theory - a new recipe for more military action?

respondent           US - Prof. John Langan (Georgetown University)


21,15- 21,45        evening prayers        SK - Theodora Kosturkova




Sunday  August 31


08,00- 8,45 hrs  breakfast


9,00- 10,30 hrs

Session  6         

speaker                NL – Gen. Kees Homan (Clingendael) on “The  future of Nato and of European Security and Defense P(olicy (ESDP)”

respondent           SI -  Major Igor Zezlin


10,45 hrs R.C. Eucharist NL - Mgr A.H.M. van Luyn, bishop of Rotterdam       

11,45 hrs  lunch  


13,00 hrs             Departure for:  In Flanders’ Fields’ – a battlefield tour in the Ypres’ region

                              our very experienced guide:       B - Col. Cyriel De Smet       


17,00 hrs             prayers and flowers ceremony at the  Menin Gate         -   UK

19,00 hrs BBQ -  evening                                             




Monday  September 1


08,00 – 08,30 hrs          breakfast      

08,45 hrs bible study     Prof. H. Hoet



09,00 – 10,30 hrs

Session 7          

speaker                US - Ambassador Anthony Quainton on “Diplomacy: Still Our First Line of Defense”

respondent           D - Mrs Corinna Schellenberg, EKD on “Preventive war?”


10,45 – 11,00 hrs           coffee break  


11,00 – 12,30 hrs

Session 8          

speaker                UK - Dr Brian Wicker on “Policing Al Qa’eda - or  Why  the  War  on Terrorism is a mistake”


respondent           open for suggestion


12,30 hrs lunch  

15,00 hrs             steering committee 

15,45 - 16,15 hrs            coffee break  



16,30 – 18,15 hrs          

Session 9          

speaker                SI - Prof. Bogdan Dolenc on “Use and misuse of  religion in conflicts - e.g. Islam & Christianity – the  case of the Balkans”

respondent           SK -  Dr Theodora Kostourkova   


18,45 hrs  diner  


20,00 – 21,45 hrs         

Session 10  

speaker                D – Oberkirchenrätin Dr Sabine von Zanthier, EKD representative in Brussels on “The exclusion of God from the text of the European convention”. (to be confirmed)

respondent           Mgr van Luyn (Nl) or perhaps CZ? (to be confirmed).


21,45 hrs Evening prayers       SI – Prof. Leon Novak        



Tuesday  September 2


08,00 – 08,30 hrs          breakfast      

08,45 hrs             Bible study    Prof. H. Hoet


09,15 – 10,45 hrs

Session  11       

speaker                F – Dr Michel Rougé            on “The right of the international community to intervene - with some remarks on the morality of economic sanctions”

respondent           B – Dr Joris Ghesquiere, from Nato HQ  


10,45 – 11,00 hrs           Coffee break 

11,00 – 12,00 hrs          


Session  12        Closing session: CCADD in 2004


12,00 hrs Lunch & Goodbye