The CCADD International Conference 2007


The CCADD International Conference for 2007 was held at Fircroft College, Selly Oak, Birmingham from August 31 – September 4.  Thirty-plus people attended, from a variety of countries from the USA to Slovakia, Bosnia etc.  A speaker from the Ukraine (Alexandra Delemenchuk) was due to come but was unable to do so at the last minute because she could not obtain a visa.  Another speaker, Deborah Allen from BAE Systems, also had to cancel at the last minute for personal reasons.  These absences left two gaps in the programme as planned (see below).   Ms. Delemenchuk’s slot was filled by a discussion of the ‘respondent’s’ (Frantisek Abel) very thorough contribution, which had been provided in advance even without the original speaker’s talk having been seen.  The other was filled by discussion of a BBC radio programme on the militarization of China, which your Chairman had luckily recorded and was able to produce for the meeting.  Otherwise things went as planned, and most of the contributions are presented below on the CCADD website.  It goes without saying that emailed comments on these various contributions are welcome, and can be included on the website with the permission of the writers.


Brian Wicker (Chairman)