CCADD Conference August 31 – September 4, 2007 at:

Fircroft College of Adult Education,

1018 Bristol Road, Selly Oak,

Birmingham B29 6LH, England.

Tel: 0121 472 0116         Fax: 0121 471 1503



                                  ‘In a Dark Time the Eye Begins to See’



The theme of this conference is the likely sources and dangers of conflict for the foreseeable future. 


Lunch is served at 12.30 and supper at 18.30 each day.  Coffee is available from 10.45 – 11.15.  Total cost per person for four days: £250 (£65 per 24-hours).  Meals for those not staying overnight are available at a modest cost, but the College needs to know the numbers.  The main sessions of the conference will be in the large room upstairs in the Primrose Hill block.



Friday evening August 31


Arrival at Fircroft College from 14.00.


18.00 Welcome from the college by Brian Wicker (chairman of CCADD UK) in the lounge.           


18.30 Supper                                                                         


20.00 Keynote address:

          Clare Short MP on International Development and Conflict

         (Clare Short is a local Birmingham MP, and formerly Secretary of State for   

           International Development under Tony Blair)


21.30 Recreation and drinks (in the lounge)



Saturday September 1:


09.0        Bible Study (by David McLoughlin, of Newman College,     Birmingham)


09.30        Professor Paul Rogers (of Bradford University):

             Likely Sources of Future Conflicts                                                                 




11.15:  Responses to Terrorism (Habeas Corpus, rules of interrogation, the ICC, Geneva

           Conventions etc.)

           Speaker: Tony Quainton (USA)

           Respondent: Frank Hye (Belgium)


13.30: Guided boat trip on the Birmingham canals (returning by 16.00)


16.30 Peace-keeping and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’

          Jan Jap Oosterzee (Netherlands)

          Respondent: David Fisher (UK)


20.00:The Environment I: water supplies as a source of conflict

          Speaker: Dr. Neil Summerton, (formerly of Dept of Environment, London)

          Respondent: Hugh Beach (UK)            


21.30: Evening prayer



Sunday September 2:


09.30: Conference Mass: Revd. John Langan SJ


11.15: Role of Religions in Conflict

           Speakers: Ivo Markovic (Bosnia) and Revd. Gerry Mcflynn (Ireland)                                                                        


13.45: Outing by coach to Coventry Cathedral, with Revd. Peter Berry, ending with 

           Evensong (returning to Fircroft College by 18.00)


20.00: War and Peace in Art (Revd. Dr. Clive Barrett of Leeds)


21.30: Songs with Tony Kempster and Sue Gilmurray



Monday September 3:


09.00: Bible Study


09.30: Continued Possession and Doctrine of the Nuclear Weapons States: a Scottish


          Speaker: Revd. David Sinclair (of the Church of Scotland)                                                             

          Respondent: Bernard Georgeot (France: Pax Christi)


11.15: The Arms Trade (a DVD Presentation by Kees Homan)


(14.00: conference sub-committee meeting)


16.30: The speaker invited for this session A may be unable to come.  If so we propose alternative B.  (NB This is what happened)


     A.  The Environment II:  the implications for weaponry

           Speaker: Deborah Allen (of BAE systems) 

           Respondent: Tony Kempster, UK


B.  In the Shadow of the Dragon: A discussion of a BBC radio programme on the militarization of China and the dangers of war over Taiwan.


20.00: The Long-term Consequences of the Collapse of USSR

            Speaker: Frantisek Abel (Slovakia)

            (Alexsandra Delemenchuk could not come to speak)


21.30: Evening prayer 



Tuesday September 4


09.00: The Middle East: the dangers of conflict

           Speaker: Andrew Rigby (Professor of Peace Studies, Coventry University)


11.15: Concluding summary and evaluation of conference