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Continued Possession and Doctrine of the Nuclear Weapon State

 A Scottish Perspective


Revd David Sinclair



1. Scotlandís for Peace

1.1       Bin the Bomb and the Long Walk for Peace (involvement of churches)

1.2       Faslane 365

1.3       Scottish Peace Covenant


2. Politics and Law

2.1       Scottish Parliament position against Trident

2.2       Legal obstacles to Trident (1)

Health and safety (SNP)

2.3       Legal obstacles to Trident (2)

Road charging - £1m per convoy (Greens)

2.3       Legal Obstacles to Trident (3)

Preparing for Mass Murder

2.4       Legal Obstacles to Trident (4)

Citizensí Complaint

2.5       Parliamentary Conference


3. Doctrine

3.1       Deterrence: who is being deterred?

3.2       Power Projection and the UN Security Council

3.3       Just War Theory: still useful?

3.4       Just Peace and Humanitarian Intervention

3.5       The Use of Finite Resources

3.6       Security and Vulnerability

(work from the Church of Norway, used by Church of Scotland)