3 March 2000

Legal Disputes and Political Realities: The Current Role of the International Court of Justice

Judge Rosalyn Higgins, DBE, QC

23 February 2001

Humanitarian Intervention: Principles, Problems and Prospects Dr. Shashi Tharoor



Why is it that terrorism and human rights violations are often attached to religion?        Remarks by Michel ROUGÉ (France)

Prospects for Multilateral Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Efforts: A British viewpoint         Author: Brian Wicker (United Kingdom)

Illegal Trade of Arms and Connected Crime      Author: Colonel Laszlo Nagy

Start and the ABM Treaty - What are the Implications of Their Linkage      Author: Michael O. Wheeler

Theological Reflections on Non-Military Means of Resolving Conflicts.      Author:  Duncan B. Forrester

Morality and the Future of Weapons of Mass Destruction    Author: John Langan



Frances Young’s Bible Studies

War and the Environment     Author: Neil Summerton

Redirection of US Defence Policy     Author: Michael O. Wheeler



International Conference Report   Author: Elizabeth Salter



Index for 2003 International Conference



Draft Programme

International Conference Report   Author: Revd. Richard Lee



International Conference Report   Authors: Liza Hamilton & Brian Wicker



Is democracy possible without separation of the state from religious affiliations?  Author: Hugh Beach

Just Peace as Harmonized Co-existence: Utopia or Attainable?  Author: Karel Blei

Europe  must regulate legal migration  Author: Walter Ceuppens

Democracy is the only game in town  Author: Jan Jaap van Oosterzee

Preventive force and Iran’s nuclear program  Author: Gerard F. Powers



Draft Programme

Chairman's Introduction

Bible Study - David McLoughlin

Likely Sources of Future Conflicts   Author: Paul Rogers

Old Wine in New Bottles: Must We Rethink the Rules for Responding to Terrorism   Author:Anthony C.E. Quainton

Responses to Terrorism   Author: Major General Frank H.J. Hye

The Environment: Water Supplies as a Source of Conflict   Author: Neil Summerton

The Role of Religion in Conflict Situations   Author: Fr. Gerry McFlynn

Bible Study Two - David McLoughlin

Continued Possession and Doctrine of the Nuclear Weapon State - A Scottish Perspective (Headings) - Revd. David Sinclair

A Response to the Revd. David Sinclair by Bernard Georgeot

Analysis of Recent Culture as a Possible Way to Look for a Right Course for the Future   Author: František Ábel

The Middle East   Author: Andrew Rigby



Who would Aquinas Vote for in the US Presidential Election?   Author: David Fisher

Quo Vadis, Homo?   Author: František Ábel

Christian Hope: Basis for Politics   Author: Karel Blei

Religious freedom act, agreements with churches and other activities - State's contribution to the interreligious dialogue in Slovenia   Author: Drago Čepar

Nuclear Weapons in the Coming Decade   Author: Thomas D'Agostino

The Future of the Non-Proliferation Treaty   Author: Bernard Georgeot

Religion and Politics: There is Power in the "Ought"   Author: Max M. Kampelman

The Challenge of Peace 25 Years after the Catholic Bishops’ Peace Pastoral  Author: Gerard F. Powers

True Hope and False Gods   Author: Brian Wicker



Just Assassination     Authors: Hugh Beach and David Fisher

Osama Bin Laden in his Cave    Author: Brian Wicker

Prisoner of War     Author: Hugh Beach

New World Order 1    Author: Hugh Beach

Conflict & Martyrdom after 11th September 2001    Author: Brian Wicker

(e-mails in response to the above paper from Harfiyah Haleem)

The Christian Martyr (a witness without compare)     Author: Rt. Revd. Rino Fisichella

Preemption and Legitimacy: American Power and the Future of World Order     Author: Dr. Michael O. Wheeler

Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam     Author: Brian Wicker

Just War Principles and Recent Wars    Author: Hugh Beach

The Development of International Law    Author: Brian Wicker

Monotheism in Islam and Christianity     Author: Brian Wicker



A talk given by Professor Sir Michael Howard at RUSI on 30th October 2001

A talk given by Dr. Rowan Williams at the RIIA on 'Just War Revisited'.    This lecture, given by Dr. Rowan Williams to the Royal Institute of International Affairs on 14th October 2003, is made available here by kind permission of Matthew Davies, Director of the Anglican Communion News Service.


A talk given by Sir Michael Quinlan on "The Morality of Nuclear Deterrence" at Farm Street on 14th February 2008.





April 2000 Seminar           "Intervention after Kosovo"

November 2000                  Report of International Conference by Rev. Donald Black

December 2000                "Ethical problems encountered in the field" by Sir Hugh Beach

November 2001                 ‘CONFRONTING TERRORISM’

January 2002                     "Implications of Human Rights for the Military" by General Lord Guthrie

November 2002 Seminar  "War in Iraq - Yes or No?"

December 2002                 "A Russian Perspective on Arms Control" by Dr. Sergei Federyakov

March 2003                         "NATO After Enlargement" by Dr Paul Cornish

April 2003                            "German Churches and ideas of martyrdom" by Dr. Stephen Plant

June 2003                            "Chemical and Biological Disarmament::  the Treaties Under Review" by Nicholas Sims

September 2003                 Colloquium on the Invasion of Iraq

October 2003                       Report of International Conference by Alexander Ramsbotham

November 2003                  "Dying for Human Rights" by Professor Connor Gearty

December 2003                  "Taming the Prerogative" by Dr. Tony Wright MP

January 2004                       "How to Reform the United Nations" by Lord Brennan QC

February 2004                     "Ukraine Phoenix" by Roland Smith

March 2004                          "Recent Interpretations of Just War Criteria" by Rt. Revd. Richard Harries

April 2004                             "Can we engage with conservative Christian America?" by Daniel Plesch

October 2004                       "Religion as Idolatry - or Are the Texts Killing Us?" by Dr. Peter Bishop

December 2004                   "Non-Proliferation and the Future of UK Nuclear Weapons" by Rebecca Johnson

April 2005                             "Conflict and Development" by Dr. Daleep Mukarji

June 2005                            "Serving God and Caesar" by Sir Michael Quinlan

September 2005                 "International Action to Avert Massacres - The Responsibility to Protect" by Alan Pleydell

December 2005                    "Lawless World" by Philippe Sands

January 2006                         "Military Ethics in Real Time: The Impact of Media Technology on Decision Making in War" by Major General Sebastian Roberts

February 2006                       "Countering Terrorism: Power, Violence and Democracy post 9/11" by The Rt Revd Richard Harries

March 2006                            "Ethical Dilemmas of Command" by General Sir Michael Rose

May 2006                                "Water and Conflict" by Dr. Neil Summerton

October 2006                          "The Price of Peace" by Dr. Charles Reed

December 2006                      "Understanding Islam" by Dr. Chris Hewer

January 2007                           "Abolition of War - Idealism or Realism?" by Christine Titmus

March 2007                             "George Weigel on Just War in the 21st Century" by Brian Wicker

May 2007                                  Open Meeting Debate on the Replacement of Trident

May 2007                                 "The Ethics of Intelligence" by Sir Michael Quinlan

July 2007                                  "Do the Laws of War Need to be Revised?" by Professor Sir Adam Roberts

September 2007                     "Russia in Europe" by Sir Andrew Wood

January 2008                            "Christian Zionism" by Sir Hugh Beach

February 2008                          "Resisting Evil: A Twentieth-Century Martyrdom" with Bruce Kent and Major-General Sir Sebastian Roberts

April 2008                                  "Informed Choice" by David Gee

July 2008                                    "Responding to Nuclear Militarism:  Lessons from the Past Inspiring the Future" by Professor Lawrence Wittner

January 2009                              "Liberty & Security" by Professor Conor Gearty

May 2009                                    "Rebuilding Peace after War: Reflections from Africa" by Mark Barwick



Discussion between David Fisher & Brian Wicker on the ethics of killing the innocent



Review of "Witnesses to Faith? Martyrdom in Christianity and Islam"

Morality of the Nuclear Deterrent       Martin Birdseye - 29th January 2008

Can there be Wars against Terror?   Some Reflections on Philip Bobbitt's "Terror and Consent"     Brian Wicker - August 2008

Review of "Thinking About Nuclear Weapons: Principles, Prospects, Problems"       Michael Quinlan - OUP 2009