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Morality of the Nuclear Deterrent flowchart

The flowchart presents an analysis of deterrence morality, configured as a “decision tree” to help people decide where they stand and to make national decision makers more accountable.  By limiting the scope to morality of deterrence using nuclear weapons it becomes feasible to present a basic analysis on one A3 sheet.  All the questions are configured to have only two answers – basically ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

This approach is intended to focus the reader onto a clear decision at each stage and to give a simple complete analysis by which our different decision paths can be readily compared.  It is of course open to anyone to propose alternative questions or logic, but if such proposals adhere to the basic logic of the chart then these too can be more easily scrutinised by others to ensure a complete and logical approach.  Radically different conclusions are naturally available already, within the analysis. 

The chart is supported by a page of background information and notes on the questions, designed to be printed on the reverse of the chart.  Publication via the Internet will allow access to a broader base of information, views and previous debate - references to the most important works on the subject and links to various relevant sites will be included soon on the website. Suggestions will be welcome.

As a “decide for yourself” document, the flowchart is aimed at everyone – perhaps at last we will have a broadly based democratic response to this very complex problem.

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Martin Birdseye          29th January 2008