Welcome to the CDAA

Welcome to the Clacton and District Astronomical Association web site. We are a small informal group, meeting on the first Thursday of the month. CDAA is the only Astronomical Society serving the Tendring and Colchester districts.

Monthly Meetings

These meetings are held at "Christ Church United Reform Church" Carnarvan Road, Clacton-on-Sea at 7.30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month (except August). The meetings conclude at 9.45 p.m. Find our Meeting Hall

In addition to the main events, there are also Monthly 'Night Sky' , 'Astro-News' presentations, Seasonal Constellations and a regular raffle.

We are a friendly bunch of amateurs where new members and visitors are always warmly welcomed. Annual membership is currently £15 adults, £6 juniors (under 18 years of age). This covers admission to all of the monthly meetings

Please note that although visitors are very welcome, they are charged an entry fee of £2.00


As part of the lottery funded 'Outreach' programme, we offer speakers for local clubs, societies and schools. A small fee may be required to cover travel expences etc. Click the 'Contacts' tab to get in touch with an appropriate representative of our society. Outreach activities are outlined by clicking the 'Events' tab.

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Our club secretary David Pugh, should be able to answer most queries about the Association itself, whereas I, Bob Leon can answer questions relating to the web site.

2016 Meeting Programme

The December 2016 Meeting

1st December 2016

The Annual Quiz

hosted by Bill Violen

questionsThis is the usual light-hearted quiz that we hold each year. Local Newspaper Report Teams of members answer a variety of questions mostly on the subject of astronomy and everyone goes away with a small prize.

The November 2016 Meeting

3rd November 2016

White Dwarves

by Mike Haynes

White DwarfIn his talk on the subject of white dwarf stars Local Newspaper Report Mike discusses their formation, properties and evolution.

The October 2016 Meeting

6th October 2016

The A.G.M.

Followed by

Tour of the Milky Way

by David Pugh

MilkywayOur Secretary David Pugh will present a fully illustrated lecture “A Tour of the Milky Way” at the October meeting following the club’s brief AGM proceedings. Local Newspaper Report He will start by briefly outlining our current understanding about the structure of our home galaxy the Milky Way. Then, with the aid of some stunning images taken by club members, David will take us on a tour of the Milky Way in the night sky and some of the objects that can be observed within it..

The September 2016 Meeting

1st September 2016

The Sun

by Mike Haynes

SunThis talk describes how our nearest star works and how we observe it. Local Newspaper Report It explains its inner workings and what drives its turbulent behaviour from sunspots to the huge explosions which periodically occur and bombard the Solar System with copious amounts of charged particles.

There is no August 2016 Meeting

The July 2016 Meeting

7th July 2016

Special Guest Speaker

Small Bodies of the Solar System

by Jerry Workman

CeresWe welcome again our Special Guest Speaker Jerry Workman Local Newspaper Report He will be presenting the subject of 'Small Bodies of the Solar System. This will include the latest information from the Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt and the recent flyby of Pluto by the 'New Horizon' spacecraft.

The June 2016 Meeting

2nd June 2016

Special Guest Speaker

Sir Arthur Eddington:

Man, Myth and Mystic

by Mark Hurn

EddingtonWe welcome once more our Special Guest Speaker Mark Hurn Local Newspaper Report On this occasion he intends to give us an overview of Sir Arthur Eddington's life, detailing the famous contribution he made in the field of astronomy. In particular, providing experimental evidence for Einstein's prediction that light is bent by strong gravitional fields.

The May 2016 Meeting

5th May 2016

Special Guest Speaker

Black Holes for Beginners

by Professor Carolin Crawford

Black HoleWe are very fortunate this month to have as our Special Guest Speaker, Professor Carolin Crawford. Local Newspaper Report She plans to give us a gentle non-technical presentation on the physics of Black Holes.

The April 2016 Meeting

7th April 2016


Wanderers of the Solar System Part II

by David Pugh

signpostIn Part I given last month, our Secretary David Pugh gave a fully illustrated talk about Comets. Local Newspaper Report He explained what Comets were and where they come from as well as presenting many wonderful Great Comets in history. In this Part II, David will show some of his images of Comets taken over many years and explain how such images are produced.

The March 2016 Meeting

3rd March 2016


Wanderers of the Solar System Part I

by David Pugh

Hale BopOur Secretary David Pugh will give a fully illustrated talk about Comets. Local Newspaper Report He will explain what Comets are and where they come from as well as presenting many wonderful Great Comets in history. In Part II to be given in April, David will show some of his images of Comets taken over many years and explain how he does it.

The February 2016 Meeting

4th February 2016

Asteroids and Us

by David Peachey

asteroidsDavid with his interests in both Geology and Chemistry Local Newspaper Report will probably talk about the Asteriods chemical composition and their similarity to similar materials found on Earth. Perhaps he may even mention the likelyhood and expense of Asteroid mining.

The January 2016 Meeting

7th January 2016

The Brian Cottis Memorial Lecture

Tour of the Cosmos

(Suitable for beginners)

by David Pugh

taurusIt was always a wish of Brian Cottis that some of our presentations given at the CDAA be at a basic level aimed at the beginner. Local Newspaper Report This first 'Brian Cottis Memorial Lecture' will be given by David Pugh. He plans to give us a Tour of the Cosmos using (for the most part) his own and other CDAA members astronomical images.