Welcome to the CDAA

Welcome to the Clacton and District Astronomical Association web site. We are a small informal group, meeting on the first Thursday of the month. CDAA is the only Astronomical Society serving the Tendring and Colchester districts.

Monthly Meetings

These meetings are held at "Christ Church United Reform Church" Carnarvan Road, Clacton-on-Sea at 7.30 p.m. on the first Thursday of each month (except August). The meetings conclude at 9.45 p.m. Find our Meeting Hall

In addition to the main events, there are also Monthly 'Night Sky' , 'Astro-News' presentations, Seasonal Constellations and a regular raffle.

We are a friendly bunch of amateurs where new members and visitors are always warmly welcomed. Annual membership is currently £15 adults, £6 juniors (under 18 years of age). This covers admission to all of the monthly meetings

Please note that although visitors are very welcome, they are charged an entry fee of £2.00


As part of the lottery funded 'Outreach' programme, we offer speakers for local clubs, societies and schools. A small fee may be required to cover travel expences etc. Click the 'Contacts' tab to get in touch with an appropriate representative of our society. Outreach activities are outlined by clicking the 'Events' tab.

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Our club secretary David Pugh, should be able to answer most queries about the Association itself, whereas I, Bob Leon can answer questions relating to the web site.

2015 Meeting Programme

The December 2015 Meeting

3rd December 2015

The Annual Quiz

Hosted by Bill Violen

taurusBill will once more host our annual quiz. Local Newspaper Report It gives an opportunity to the members to show their breadth of knowledge on the subject of Astronomy.

The November 2015 Meeting

5th November 2015

Special Guest Speaker

Robotic Imaging

by Nik Sysmanek

taurusNik Sysmanek makes a welcome return to CDAA as our Special Guest Speaker. Local Newspaper Report On this occasion he will present his activies and newest images with regard in particular, to a robotic telescope site which he has been involved with.

The October 2015 Meeting

1st October 2015

The A.G.M.

Followed by:

The Nearest Stars

by David Pugh

taurusAs usual at this time of year we have the A.G.M. Local Newspaper Report The proceedings are expected to be completed in short order and will be followed by a presentaion by our secretary David Pugh entitled 'The Nearest Stars'.

The September 2015 Meeting

3rd September 2015

Special Guest Speaker


by Andy Green

taurusWe have a Special Guest Speaker Andy Green He gave this talk on the subject of Aurorae at NEAS which some of our members attended Local Newspaper Report It was considered both interesting and informative. Well worth hearing again and should be ideal for our members.


The July 2015 Meeting

2nd July 2015

Special Guest Speaker

The Curiosity Rover

by Jerry Workman

taurusOnce more we have our Special Guest Speaker Jerry Workman returning to give a talk entitled 'The Curiosity Rover'. Local Newspaper Report He will give an update on the Curiosity Rover Mission detailing its achievements and discoveries.

The June 2015 Meeting

4th June 2015

Pickering's Harem

by Mike Haynes

taurusEdward Charles Pickering being the director of the Harvard Observatory, decided to hire women to process astronomical data. They were highly skilled but became known (rather unacceptably nowadays) as 'Pickering's Harem'. Local Newspaper Report Mike will expand upon their work highlighting the many new discoveries that they made.

The May 2015 Meeting

7th May 2015

Landmarks in Astronomy

by Mike Haynes

taurusThe history of astronomy over the past few hundred years has been marked by countless brilliant and often unexpected discoveries and revelations. Local Newspaper Report This talk looks at how astronomy has evolved and is a personal selection of the handful of breakthroughs that have reshaped our view of the Universe from the Middle Ages to today. Inevitably it will be controversial!

The April 2015 Meeting -
Please Note:
Change of Meeting Date from
2nd to 9th April

9th April 2015

How Magnetism Shapes the Cosmos

by Mike Haynes

taurusOne of the most significant and possibly unexpected discoveries in astronomy over the past 30 years or so is the role that magnetic fields play in the evolution of the Universe, from planets and stars to galaxies and beyond. Local Newspaper Report This talk looks at some of those discoveries and the ways in which they have influenced our understanding of the cosmic evolution.

The March 2015 Meeting

5th March 2015

Special Guest Speaker

Imaging Meteors

by Peter Meadows

taurusPeter will be explaining the methods he uses to image Meteors. Local Newspaper Report There will be many of examples of his work.

The February 2015 Meeting

5th February 2015

Astro-Imaging Without a Telescope

Part II

by David Pugh

taurusOur secretary David gives the second and final part of his talk on Astro-Imaging Without A Telescope. Local Newspaper Report This time he concentrates on explaining how to take longer and stacked DSLR images with a driven camera platform. His pictures range from telephoto shots of large nebulae to panoramic mosaics of the Milky Way. Not to be missed!

The January 2015 Meeting

8th January 2015

An Alternative/Chemist's View of Astronomy

by David Peachey

taurusAny discussion of astronomy tends to be biased towards physics and physical processes but what have chemists to say on the subject? Local Newspaper Report David plans to look at astronomy from a chemist's point of view.