• Monthly Meeting Programme 2017

    • 5th January 2017 'The Brian Cottis Memorial Lecture'
      'The Solar System - A Personal/Local Perspective' by Bob Leon
      In this special Memorial Lecture where Brian would have endorsed the subject being given at a 'basic' level, Bob hopes to bring the size and scale of the Solar System into perspective. The method though not unique, will have a local context.
    • 2nd February 2017 'Wonders of Orion' by David Pugh
      David will discuss the stories and mythology behind the easily recognised constellation of Orion. He will supplement this with with some of his own astro-images of the constellation and the surrounding deep sky objects.
    • 2nd March 2017 'The Origin of Modern Astronomy' by David Peachey
      David will give his view of modern astronomy and will discuss how it has evolved and developed over the years. Even though he doesn't tend to use visual aids, we expect the subject to be both interesting and informative.
    • 6th April 2017 'The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intellegence'
      by Special Guest Speaker Dr Mike Leggitt
      Dr Mike Leggett will give the historical background to S.E.T.I. This will include a short introduction to astrobiology and speculations upon intelligence, civilization and technology in the universe. He will consider the prospects for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence bringing in well known 'Fermi Paradox' and discuss the radio astronomical searches such as Project Ozma and the SETI@home inititiative. He will look at other possible search methods together with the likely consequences of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.
    • 4th May 2017 'The Solar System' by Special Guest Speaker Andy Green
      POSTPONED due to illness
      Andy has been actively involved in astronomy and space for over 37 years becoming interested in astronomy aged 7. He has since travelled the world to promote astronomy give presentations and lectures. His last presentation to us was entitled Aurorae' and before that, one entitled 'Impacts'. On this occasion he plans to cover aspects of the 'Solar System'
      In place of this presentation David Pugh stepped in to give a talk detailing his personal experiences of using a 'GoTo' Telescope.
    • 1st June 2017 'The Quantum Vacuum' by Bob Leon
      Though this might be deemed a rather technical presentation, Bob feels that it is more a case of the fact certain ideas are difficult 'to get your head around'. He hopes to present the concept that the peculiarities of Quantum Theory can lead to the spontaneous erruption of the 'Big Bang' from the 'Quantum Vacuum'.
    • 6th July 2017 'The Outer Planets of the Solar System' by Special Guest Speaker Jerry Workman
      It is assumed that Jery will talk about the outer planets and their moons. In particular, with results from the Cassini probe orbiting Saturn to hand, it should be the most up-to-date information available.
    • 7th September 2017 'The Most Mysterious Star in the Galaxy' by Mike Haynes
    • 5th October 2017 'The A.G.M.' followed by 'The Brightest Stars' by David Pugh
    • 2nd November 2017 'Moons of the Soiar System.' by Mike Haynes
    • 7th December 2017 'Annual Quiz' hosted by Bill Violen

  • Special Guest Speakers

    • 6th April 2017 Special Guest Speaker: Dr Mike Leggitt
      'The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intellegence'
    • 4th May 2017 Special Guest Speaker: Andy Green
      'The Solar System'
    • 6th July 2017 Special Guest Speaker: Jerry Workman
      'The Outer Planets of the Solar System'

  • External Events

    • To Be Announced

  • PROVISIONAL Monthly Meeting Programme 2018

    • 4th January 2018 'T.B.A.' 'Brian Cottis Memorial Lecture'
    • 1st February 2018 'An Introduction to Deep Sky Objects' by David Pugh
    • 1st March 2018 'A Tale of Two Observatories' by Special Guest Speaker Nik Szymanek
    • 3rd May 2018 'The Beauty and Science of Nebulae' by Special Guest Speaker Professor Carolin Crawford


In 1984 CDAA organised the first East Anglian Astronomical Convention with the assistance of Tendring District Council and guestspeakers included Patrick Moore. Today the society still attracts several guestspeakers each year to its meetings. CDAA is also keen to promote astronomy education through outreach activities in the local area.

Presentations and activities involving members of the public

Presentations to other Clubs and Societies

Some of our society's equipment has been provided by Lottery Funding. We endevour to give presentations and arrange activities that involve members of the general public outside of our normal CDAA club meetings. It is intended that we offer entertainment and education to the community as a whole.

The Presenters

Mike Haynes is the Chairman of CDAA and lives in Stutton, Suffolk

David Peachey has also been a member for many years and was a Chemistry teacher

David Pugh is the club's secretary and is a keen astrophotographer

  • Outreach 2017

    • Mike Haynes - Holbrook Scouts - Stars 1st February 2017
    • Bob Leon - Walton Friendship Club - The Solar System - A Local Perspective 29th June 2017

  • Outreach 2016

    • Mike Haynes - Malden U3A - Gamma Ray Astronomy - 18th January 2016
    • David Pugh and Bob Leon - Tendring Technology College Astronomy Evening - Demonstrations of equipment, short presentations and practical session - March 17th 2016 CANCELLED
    • David Peachey - The Solar System - Fuchsia Society - June 2016
    • Naze Centre, Walton-on-the Naze Stargazing Event with telescopes by CDAA Tuesday 8th November 2016 19.30-21.30. Alternative indoor illustrated lecture programme in the Naze Centre Education Room if cloudy. Contact Essex Wildlife Trust 01621 862960 for tickets nearer the time
    • Mike Haynes - Introduction to Astronomy - Holbrook Scouts - 9th November 2016

  • Outreach 2015

    • Mike Haynes - East Suffolk Humanist Society - Title unspecified - 14th July 2015
    • David Pugh and Bob Leon - Tendring Technology College Astronomy Evening - Demonstrations of equipment, short presentations and practical session - February 26th 2015

  • Outreach 2014

    • Brian Cottis - Frinton Probus Club, Masonic Hall, Kirby Cross - Hubble Telescope - 6th May 2014
    • Brian Cottis - Ladies Probus Club, Stour Valley - Distant Worlds - 19th June 2014
    • Bob Leon - U3A Astronomy Group Monthy Meeting - The Taurus Constellation and Concepts in Astronomy - 7th October 2014

  • Outreach 2013

    • Mike Haynes - Stutton Village Society (Stutton, Suffolk) - A Short Tour of the Cosmos - 25th January 2013
    • David Peachey - U3A Astronomy Group Monthly Meeting - 5th February 2013 (First Tuesday of the Month)
    • Mike Haynes - Easton Village (Suffolk) - A Short Tour of the Cosmos - 11th February 2013
    • Brian Cottis - The Tendring Ladies Group - The Solar System - 4th March 2013
    • David Peachey - U3A Astronomy Group Monthly Meeting - 5th March 2013 (First Tuesday of the Month)
    • Brian Cottis - Holland Men’s Social Group, Holland Public Hall - Hubble Telescope/Solar System - 15th October 2013
    • Brian Cottis, David Peachey and Bob Leon - U3A Astronomy Group Monthly Meeting - Demonstration of 'Stellarium' software plus review of CDAA website - 5th November 2013
    • Brian Cottis - Stour Valley Probus Club, Masonic Hall, Manningtree - Hubble Telescope - 6th November 2013

  • Outreach 2012

    • David Pugh - 1st Weeley Beavers - Leap Years, Stars and Solar System - January 17th 2012
    • Mike Haynes - Local School (Stutton, Suffolk) - Planets and Stars - 27th February 2012
    • Mike Haynes - Scouts Group (Stutton, Suffolk) - Planets and Stars- 12th March 2012
    • Brian Cottis - U3A - Solar System - 3rd April 2012
    • Brian Cottis - Frinton Probus - Distant Worlds - 3rd July 2012
    • Brian Cottis - Clacton Probus - Hubble Space Telescope - 6th November 2012
    • Mike Haynes - Clacton Brownies - Planets and Stars - 13th November 2012
    • Mike Haynes - Hasketon Village Society (Stutton, Suffolk) After Supper Talk - A Short Tour of the Cosmos - November 2012

  • Outreach 2011

    • Brian Cottis - Friends of Westcliffe - Space Shuttle - April 2011
    • Brian Cottis - Frinton Probus - April 2011
    • Brian Cottis - Frinton Probus - 6th November 2011
    • David Peachey - Frinton Probus - November 2011
    • David Peachey - Retired Masons - November 2011
    • David Peachey - Retired Masons - November 2011
    • Brian Cottis - U3A - 6th December 2011

  • Outreach 2010

    • CDAA Members - Beaumont - Star Party, Observing Evening - 1st November 2010
    • David Peachey - Clacton Probus - Novemeber 2010
    • Brian Cottis - Clacton Probus - November 2010

  • Outreach 2009

    • David Peachey/Brian Cottis - Jaywick Ladies - 2009