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written by Mike Lewis

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These reports appear in the last Thursday of the month (before our monthly meeting held on the first Thursday of the month) editions of the 'Clacton and Frinton Gazette' and the 'Harwich and Manningtree Standard' in their 'Neighbourhood News' sections

Last minute change to programme:

Using a GoTo Telescope

by David Pugh

4th May 2017

The telescope being described in this talk is a Mead LX200 with a 10" aperture. Once a Go To telescope has been aligned it is a simple matter to find any object in the sky automatically just by using a hand controller. The Mead telescope is a Scmitt Cassegrain type which has a long focal length but only a short tube. To assist in finding objects in the sky it also has a 50mm diameter finder scope.

Due to the nature of the UK climate the telescope has dew protection in the form of heaters which help prevent fogging up of the optics when in use. Other essential items to use with the telescope are such things as eye pieces, colour filters, books and particular useful a planisphere. This particular telescope is quite heavy although it is meant to be portable but due to its size and weight it can take up to an hour to set up. There are however lighter Go To telescopes available.

This telescope is also an ideal platform for astro photography eg Piggy Back camera, prime focus or with eyepiece and combined with modern computer software it is possible to produce spectacular photographs.