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Hand thrown raku pottery made close to the river Deben, near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

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The flames burn around the pot, raising the outside surface to different temperatures and starving the copper matte glaze of oxygen. A metal bin is placed tight over the pot and carbon replaces the oxygen in the reduction process. The pots are left to cool for a short period without oxygen. When the piece is introduced back with oxygen, colours creep out from the glaze surface and settle as the pot cools down.

The kiln is watched closely as the pots reach temperature, over firing can cause blistering or hot spot lines across the pots. When the pots are ready for reduction, each pot is lifted out with metal tongs and lifted into dry sawdust and newspaper which combusts into flames.

The pots are bisque fired in the normal electric firing way and blue cobalt copper glaze is poured into and out of the bisque pots. When the inside glaze is dry, a copper and frit glaze, mixed the day of the raku is applied to the outside of the pot, with a spray gun, and left to dry. The raku kiln is made from a garden incinerator and ceramic fibre blanket. The kiln is fired on propane gas to about 950*c in an hour.

Raku Process