If you have a Dragonball Z site (or a  Tenchi or Neon Genesis site), and you would like to affiliate with knight of VEGETA, the fallowing is for you, I would like between 3 and 5 affiliates, but there is no fixed number...yet.



For the webmasters;

Your site doesn't have to be 100% finished, but you do need to have a good few sections, and not sections which are half finished or consist of about 3 lines.

You have to be a nice webmaster, I'm not going to affiliate or have this site associated with people or sites which are nasty (for want of a better word).

You should have a good layout,

You should have regular updates on your site.

You need to have good content, and it needs to be your own work.  I don't mean you can't use stuff you've learned on other sites, other wise this site would have very little on it, but the work on your site needs to be individual.

Your site must be respectful to the show and the characters, and anyone associated with it (FUNimation and Cartoon Network excepted)

I'm not really bothered if your site doesn't get 300, 400, 500 hits a day, I'm not gonna turn some one down because they hit counter is lifeless,  but a few genuine hits a day is preferable.  

NO vulgar content, bad language or pornography, forget it.

You would have to put one of these buttons and a link to knight of VEGETA  in your site, and I will add your button to mine (if you don't have one and can't make one, ask nice and I will attempt to make one for you, the 2 below, as well as my banner and other buttons on this site are examples of the stuff I usually end up with, so don't expect miracles)




Interested?....E-MAIL me with your site details, URL, webmasters name, site name, banner blah, blah blah...

 One last thing...sorry guys, but no crew sites for affiliation, business only ^_^