Attack Guide!!



The martial arts in Dragonball can be, well, weird to say the least.  Some of the attacks the characters use stretch the imagination, some of them make you want to know 'how do they do that?', most just make you think 'what the HFIL was that?!!'. (If I know or have the Japanese name I will put it, if not, tough!)

Arm extender- A Namekian ability to stretch the arms.  This is useful in battle if your opponent is a little slippery, or if you just need to scratch your back.


Bakuhatsuha- This is an attack used by Vegeta and Nappa early in the Saiya-jin saga.  A ball of energy surrounds the user while destroying everything in its area.


Body Change beam-  This is a technique used by Captain Gynu.  He fires a beam of energy from his mouth into the mouth of his opponent.  The result of this attack is that Gynu changes bodies with his opponent.  We don't know if the body we see him in in the series is his original body, or whether it is one he stole previously.


Big Bang Attack- One of Vegeta's signature moves.  It is a large energy projectile that can destroy just about anything.


Bakujatsu-  The ability to fly using one's ki.


Breath- One of Buu's attacks.....phew, use some toothpaste!


Chonoryoku-  Chou-su's psychic ability allows him to take temporary control of the opponent or cause some internal pain.


Chobakuretsumaha- One of Piccolos most powerful attacks, it creates a large energy beam/blast which will destroy anything in it's way.


Daichiretsuzan-  One of Frieza's attacks.  It is a thin sharp beam that cuts through anything.  (It's what Frieza uses to kill Vegeta and injure Piccolo).


Death Ball- A small, sometimes medium sized black ball.  It takes a long time to energize and is used by Frieza for mass destruction-usually of planets.  It is also very slow.  Frieza used it to destroy Namek, Vegeta, and attempted to use it on earth.


Destructo Disk/ Kien Zan- Krillen's signature move and one of his most powerful attacks (at one time one of the most powerful attacks in the series).  The Zien Zan or Destructo Disk is an energy projectile that can cut through anything in it's path.  It's energy is formed into the shape of a disk and moves like a sort of Frisbee.  It is later adapted by other Z fighters and made even deadlier.


Ki Ko Ho-  Tien's most powerful attack.  It is an energy projectile that can only be performed after extensive charging.  This attack is deadly, but it can also be dangerous to the user, after extensive use, it will kill them


Light Speed- Used by almost everybody, the person using it is able to move so fast that they are no longer seen, even if they are right in front of a person.  The only way they can bee seen is either with intense concentration or by going light speed and keeping up with the person.


Makankosappo (special Beam Cannon/ Cannon Beam)-  Piccolo created this attack originally to destroy Goku.  It takes a few minutes to charge and is quite slow.  It is a straight energy beam with another spiraling beam around it for more power.


Mazenko-  Gohan's signature attack, it is a strong energy projectile that takes little time to charge but uses a lot of energy.


Mind Freeze-  This attack is used by Goldo, it freezes his opponents in place, rendering them unable to move.  It can not be broken unless the user is distracted.  


Renzoku Energy Dan- By moving one's arms quickly, this allows the person to fire multiple energy projectiles at one time.  This attack can cause serious damage to the user if it is used hundreds or thousands of times.


Shinshin No Ken/Tri Form-  One of Tien's signature moves which creates multiple 'clones' of Tien,  but each only has a fraction of Tien's strength.  A similar technique is used by Piccolo, and has also been used by Krillen.  This technique is also used by Cell, however, Cell's 'clones' each has approximately the same strength as the original Cell.


Shiyoken-  Used by Tien in Dragonball, it allows him to grow two extra arms to fight with.


Shunkanido/ teleportation/ instant transmition-  Used by Goku and Cell (Goku learned it on Yerdrat).  By placing two fingers on the forehead the users are able to instantly teleport to another location.  In Goku's own words, 'You dematerialise and travel as a mass of light'.  The user can only teleport to a place with a person or a being with ki- not just any barren desert-which is why Goku had to transport himself and Cell to King Kai's planet when Cell self destructed.


Soukai Dan-  Used by Yamcha, the Soukai Dan is an energy projectile that can be controlled so that it fallows an opponent.


Spirit Bimb/ Genki Damma-  One of Goku's signature moves and most powerful attacks.  A ball of energy is produced from the ki of all living things.  This attack is one of the longest to charge in the whole of the series.  The bigger the planet or the more living beings around the user, the bigger the spirit bomb will be.


Solar Flair-  One of Tien's signature attacks (and one of my favourites).  By placing two hands in front of the users eyes, the Solar Flair produces a blinding light, usually stunning the opponent for several minutes.  It is later used by other characters such as Goku and Krillen.  It is not a powerful move but it's sure as Hfil a smart one.


Dynamite Kick-  Mr Satan's signature move-it is not very powerful and pretty useless.  What effect it has on an ordinary human being is another thing.


Enerugii Kyuushuu-  The androids' signature move. The androids (#19 and #20) absorbs energy through the palm of their hands.


Eye Beam-  A small but handy attack where energy beams come from the users eyes.


Food Change-  Buu's signature move.  He changes opponents into objects (usually food), they can then be eaten and their energy absorbed.


Fusion-  The ability fro 2 people to fuse.  See fusions.


Galik Ho-  Used by Vegeta, it resembles the Kamehameha, but is less powerful.  It is Vegeta's adaptation and counter against the Kamehameha.


Gekiretsukodan-  Used by Piccolo, it is a large energy attack shaped like a sphere.


Hasshuken-  Used by Goku in Dragonball, it is similar to Tien's shiyoken, Goku is able to grow extra arms to fight (I think he ends up with 6, or is it 8?)


Jibaku-  A self destruction technique, it is very powerful but the user can not survive.  Only Cell and Chou-su have this ability naturally.  The Androids had a Jibaku attachment but it was removed.


Jinruizetsumetsukogeki-  Used by Buu, the attack fires multiple beams, each seeking it's own target.  This attcak takes a while to charge.


Kaio Ken-  Taught to Goku by King Kai, it allows Goku to gain a temporary boost in power and energy and speed.  However, after extensive use, the user becomes extremely exhausted.  The attack also increases the Users hearing, vision, and other senses as well as power.  The surge of power can destroy the user if they are not strong enough to handle it. 


Kakusandan-  A weak but diverse attack.  A ki blast is fired into the air where it will split apart and rain down upon multiple targets.


Kamehameha-  This technique was developed by Master Roshi, who took 50 years to develop it (he was a bit gutted when Goku mastered it in 5 minutes).  All of the Z fighters are able to use it, but it is mostly used by Goku, Krillen, Yamcha and Gohan who uses it to defeat Cel.  The user places their wrists together and in front of them.  This fires an energy blast at the target.  It is a powerful attack and has different intensities.  It is used mostly by Goku, Krillen and Gohan.


Kamekameha-   Gotten's adaptation of the Kamehameha (he couldn't pronounce it properly).  


Zanzoken-  The ability to move so fast that the person leaves their image at a location while they are really somewhere else.