Through out the series, some of the characters have a habit of, well, dying.  Of course, this can be resolved using a little thing called dragonballs.  But how many of the characters die altogether, how many times does each of them die, and how;




Goku 1) When Piccolo destroys Goku along with Raditz using his 'special beam cannon'.  Goku sacrifices himself to save Gohan and the rest of the Earth.

2) When Cell self destructs, Goku transports himself and Cell to King Kai's planet (killing them all).

(Alternative future-Contracts heart virus and dies)

Vegeta 1)  After convincing himself that he is a Super Saiyan, he goes up against Frieza, only to be killed by him before Goku can arrive in time to save him.

2) Sacrifices himself on an attempt to destroy Buu and save the earth in an attack meant to avenge the "death" of Gohan. 

(Alternative future-Killed in battle with Androids #17 and #18)

Gohan 1) When Buu destroys the earth. 

 Gohan is thought to have died earlier , but we find out that he is still alive (barely)

(Alternative future-Killed by Androids)

Krillen 1) Against Tambourine in dragonball.

2) Against Frieza on Namek (his death enrages Goku so much he turns SSJ for the first time).

3)When Buu destroys the earth.

(Alternative future-killed in battle with Androids)

Piccolo/Kami 1) He dies shielding Gohan from one of Nappa's attacks in the Saiya-jin saga.

2)When Buu destroys the Earth.

(Alternative future-Killed in battle with androids)

Trunks (mari no Trunks/"Future" Trunks) 1) Killed by Cel  in the Cel games after Cel transports back to earth after self destructing on Kaio's planet, on his arrival back on earth he kills Trunks.
Goten 1) When Buu destroys the earth.
Yamcha 1)  Fighting the Sibamen/Cultivators planted by Nappa   in the Saiya-jin saga.

2) Eaten by Fat Buu.

( Alternative future-Killed in battle with Androids)

Chou-su 1) Against Piccolo Diamoah (Dragonball).

2) Self destructs in an attempt to destroy Nappa.

3) When Buu destroys the earth.

Tienshinhan 1) The Saiya-jin saga when he is killed trying to destroy Nappa after Chou-su's death.

2) When Buu destroys the earth.

(Alternative future- Killed in battle with Androids)

Bulma 1) Eaten by Fat Buu.
Chi Chi 1) Turned into an egg and crushed by Fat Buu.
Dende 1) Killed by Frieza on Namek
Kaio (King Kai) 1) When Buu self destructs, Goku grabs hold of Buu and teleports them both to Kaio's planet, killing Goku, Kaio, Gregory and Bubbles (Buu regenerates and is not killed)
Frieza and King Kold 1)  Both killed by Trunks when he first arrives from the future after they travel to earth in search of Goku intending to Kill him, his friends and his planet.
King Vegeta 1) Killed by Frieza after eh leads an attack on Frieza's ship.
Bardok 1)  Killed by Frieza along with his men when Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta.
Raditz 1)  Killed by Piccolo along with Goku after he kidnapped Gohan.
Cell Destroyed (eventually) by Gohan in the Cel Games with help from his dad and all his friends.
#16 1) Killed by Cel in an attempt to make Gohan mad (...and it works)
#17 1)  Absorbed by Cel.

(alternative future, Killed by Trunks after he returns to his time line)

#18 1)  Absorbed by Cel

(alternative future, killed by Trunks)

#19 1)  Destroyed by Vegeta in the Android saga after Goku becomes ill. 
#20/Dr. Gero 1)  Killed by Android #17 after he attempted to shut him an 18 down for good.