The concept of the 'Dragonballs' must be one of the simplest in the entire Dragonball series, but it can still be a little confusing is you don't know most of what there is to know about them, especially when there are 3 different sets!!  Since they play such a large part in the series, here is a little (I hope) helpful info to help you understand them a little better:

1) Isirichyu
2) Arushinchu
3) Sanshinkyu
4) Sushinchu
5) Oshinchu
6) Liushinkyu
7) Chiishirichu


Dragon; Shenglong (Shenlong),

Wishes; 1,

Description; 7 Small orange marble like balls with red stars (ranging from 1 to 7) in the centre (pictures above).

Created by Kami.


1) To use the Dragonballs, you must gather all 7 and bring them together in one place.

2) Summon the eternal dragon (Shenglong).

3) Make one wish (2 after Shenglong power up).  If the wish is with in  the dragon's power it will be granted.

4)Dragon disappears and the dragonballs turn to stone and scatter around the globe.

5) The earth dragon can only revive someone from death once and is not as power full as the Namek dragon.

6)Kami created the Dragonballs, so if either he or Piccolo dies they can no longer be used.


Dragon; Purrunga,

Wishes; 3.

Description;  Look the same as the Earth Dragonballs, but are much larger in size.

Created by Purrunga.

1) Gather all 7 dragonballs.

2) Summon the Namekian Dragon (also known as the God of Love) in the namekian language.

3) Make 3 wishes (in namek).

4) The wishes are granted and the dragon disappears.  The dragonballs turn to stone and scatter around Namek.

5)  The Namek Dragon is much more powerful than that of earth and so larger wishes can be granted.  A person can be revived from death as many times as possible providing it was not a natural death.

6) When the eldest Namek (Guru) dies, the dragonballs can no longer be used.



Dragon; Shenglong,

wishes; 1,

Description; The same as the other dragonballs, only with black stars, not red.


1) Collect all seven Blackstar Dragonballs.

2)Summon Dragon.

3) Make 1 wish.  There are no limits to the wish.

4) The dragonballs then scatter all over the universe.

5) All 7 dragonballs must be found and brought together within 1 year of the last wish or the planet will be destroyed.