My "Friends" Sites!

Blur Lovers


A very very cool site by CJ.  All things Blur (ok -Damon Albarn ^_^)  Plenty of pics, video stills from the music videos, biographies, band history, music info, everything a blur fan could want!!!

Knight of JURAI!!

Ok, so its MY site rather than my friends site, but its still cool!!  (Kinda like this site, just replace VEGETA with JURAI ^_^)



Ok-So I did it again -another of my sites.  Batman Beyond pics, info, episode guide and info, character bios and FAN FICTIONS!!!


The Dark-Saiyan

My brothers site!!  Another Dragonball site (must run in the family)


Tokyo Angel

One of the sites I started but had to abandon due to the running of KoV was Tokyo Angel.  Lucky for my friend 'Shinji' I dropped the site (and he was able to pinch the name-lol)



I'm not a big KoRn fan, but "Blackheart" has loads of koRn info, pics, lyrics and more KoRn KrAp!!


Rad Savij

 Um, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be about, but it has some of "Rad Savij's" art (which is cool) and loads of music info.


Noogs Website

Noogal finally put brains to keyboard and made a site.  Content wise....IT'S NUTS!! It has us in stitches every time!!!


Home of Anarky

(???) And here I thought WE used "anarchy" in the "wrong context".  This site has info on games and stuff as well as info on the band Creed.