Fusion Dance; 

2 people do a weird dance and then the 2 fuse together.  After they fuse, they become one person with the characteristics of both.  The person is now stronger than ever before, but the fusion only lasts for 30 minutes.  The dance and the fusion can not be performed again for an further 60 minutes.


Potra Earrings;

These earrings allow 2 people to fuse, however, the fusion is permanent.  One is worn by each person, and then both once they have fused.


Namekian Fusion;

All Nameks have the natural ability to fuse, but the fusion is permanent and can't be reversed.


Goku + Vegeta = Gogeta (fusion dance) 


Goku + Vegeta = Vegitto (Potara Earrings)


Trunks + Gotten = Gottenks (Fusion Dance) 


#17 + #18 = Super #17 (??)


Majin Buu + Vegeta = Majin Vegeta.

Piccolo + Nail = Piccolo,

Piccolo + Kami = Kamiccolo (he is never called this he is still Piccolo).


Gogeta Vegitto Gotenks

Super #17