Hoi-Poi Capsules!!


  Hoi-poi capsules are something that anyone in the real world would love to have.  They are little pill shaped capsules which contain anything from cars and motorcycles, to houses and buildings.  

E.g..  Bulma and Trunks use them a lot.  Bulma's cars and bikes usually appear from one, as does Trunks's time machine and fringe in the Trunks Saga.

The user throws the capsule a little away from them, and with a puff of smoke, what ever it is inside appears, in perfect working order.

there are different sized capsules.  I'm not sure what sizes there are exactly, but I know, for example, that a size "M" capsule contains a caravan sized vehicle are what ever.

They were not (as is usually suggested) made by the Capsule Corp, and can usually be bought from shops.