-(UK) Another DBZ article in this months SKY customer magazine (FEB)-

for a start, its talking about a new series of DBZ to be aired on Cartoon Net soon-yet it still shows a picture of Goku fighting Raditz.....typical....

Here's is the article;

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(crappy saiya-jin saga pic)

Dragonball new series

When will the new series of Dragonball Z be shown on Cartoon Network? And why do we always have to wait two or three months for a new series to start? (Phillip Dawes via email)

Good news-a new series of dragonball z will be shown soon.  Stay tuned to the cartoon network to find out exact transition times.  The channel tells us there is a bit of a wait between series of Dragonball Z because they have to translate and re-dub every episode from French into English.

Hehehe, here's where I have my fun...It takes so long because they have to translate and re-dub the episodes huh? wow, I never knew that, I always thought that the episodes were dubbed into English first by FUNImation, when they got the episodes  straight from Toi Animation Japan, I didn't think all the Canadian and American Voice actors did the French version first and then years later the episodes were dubbed into English!!  The other thing that was bugging me was that the Buu saga is meant to be the next saga (sorry CN, "series") to be shown....Hasn't the Buu saga already been translated into English? I thought the episodes that haven't been translated are episodes 13+ of Dragonball, a few of the movies and the end of DB GT....at least that's my understanding after nearly 3 years obsession with the show.

Zee or Zed?

This has been a bit of an argument between me and my friends in the past.  Because the dubbed versions of the show are American, all the characters have American accents (which is a bit strange considering the voices are recorded in Canada and all the most of the voice actors are Canadian).  What I'm getting at is, the Americans pronounce the letter Z as 'zee'.  This isn't a problem if you're American, but Europeans pronounce the letter Z as 'zed'.  I thought this was fair enough, I mean, we can't all have the same accent, but then I found out that the Canadians pronounce Z as 'zed' as well.  That's it, I decided to leave it.  But after a while, I just couldn't seem to bring myself to say 'Dragonball Zed'.  I thought nothing of it, but my friends seemed to have a BIG problem with it.  My friend Caron calls it Dragonball Zed, and my friend Steph calls it Dragonballs Zees, my friend Crag calls it crap.  As you've probably guessed, they don't watch the show. It gets a little annoying when I seem to change my accent from Welsh to American when I'm talking about certain things and using American slang and words sometimes without realising it.  Most of the time now, I just kind of fall somewhere in between the two, although  it still sounds welsh- I don't think that's ever going to change. 


DBZ Vocab;

some of (ok, most, ok...all of my friends have no idea what I'm on about hen I start talking about DBZ)

For anyone who gets a bit confused over some of the Dragonball language, I've done a vocabulary section.  I'll add to it when ever I can think of something else to put on it.

 This is an article I have taken from this months edition of the 'Sky TV Guide'.  As you may  be able to tell, I'm lazy.  So I can't be bothered to scan the article, but I can be bothered to  tell you exactly what it said;

Just in case you're wondering, it has a picture of Goku in a fighting stance.  (You can tell it's from the beginning of the Saiya-jin saga because you can see a tiny bit of Gohan's Dragonball hat behind Goku's leg-and you can see from the graphics/quality of the pic).

A parents' guide to...Dragonball Z

Article in the SKY customer magazine (April 2001)

What's that then?

Only one of Japan's most popular animation shows ever and Cartoon Network's top-rated programme.

What is it about?

The age old struggle between good and evil.

Can you be a bit more specific?

The main characters Goku (pictured), who did not learn of his true warrior origins until he grew up.  he now uses his super powers to find the 'Dragonballs'-seven translucent orange spheres scattered around the globe, which when brought together, summon 'The Eternal Dragon' who can grant the finder a single wish.

Not quite sure I understand...

It's sort of a cross between Superman and Monkey.  Sort of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for kids.

I see.  So why is it so popular?

It captures kids' imaginations.  by combining storylines that are complex (but not confusing) with state-of-the-art animation (that's not too flashy).

Should I be concerned if my kids watch it?

Not at all.  The show's Far Eastern origins means that the importance of spiritual, as well as physical, strength is emphasised.  Goku is portrayed as a trusting soul who is very protective of his family and friends.

When is it on?

The legions of Dragonball Z fans will be delighted to hear that Cartoon Network (channel 601) will be showing brand-new episodes from the eagerly awaited Android Saga and Cell Saga.  The action kicks off in the dedicated action/adventure slot Toonami, weekdays from Monday to Friday 2nd at 5pm and weekends at 11am and 9pm.

This article isn't actually that bad.  I'm used to expecting reviews and articles in this country (and elsewhere in the world) to be, how can I say this? Crap.  There a few little points I am not 100% a-ok with.  I like it because it says that  DBZ is one of the most popular anime shows in Japan, which some people will not believe when I tell them.  It is very simple and a bit brief, but it does say a lot more about DBZ than most articles do, although the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon bit is just bull.  I was soooo chuffed (chuff chuff chuffedy chuff), when I read the ' Complex (but not confusing)' bit referring to the storylines.  I wrote a whole page trying to say that, but they made it so simple.  It promotes the eastern aspects of the show well but is a little too vague when describing Goku, and a little over-concerned with the physical appearance of the dragonballs.  I'm not very sure about the Superman/Monkey thing- especially when it makes no reference to Goku's tail-which by now has long been removed.

My main problems with it refer to the 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for kids' and the 'Should I be concerned if my kids watch it?'.  Again, the whole Kids thing.  IT IS NOT A KIDS CARTOON.  At least it was never originally intended as one.  Also, the idea that Goku has 'Super powers' due to his warrior origin'.  I like that they mentioned that the saiyans (which are not mentioned by name), are a warrior race, but I feel that it would have been much more suitable to say something like 'Fighting skills' of 'talent'-after all, earthlings have similar 'powers', as do people like Vegeta, Frieza, the Androids etc.

Over all, although the article was short, it does a fairly good job (and I mean that sincerely) of promoting the show to parents (who most probably have their doubts about the show) and putting it in a way they can understand and possibly associate with.  Ok job- uh, who ever wrote it.

The good thing about this article is that its seems to be aimed at the parents of younger children....so MY parents have nothing at all to complain about.

If you have the April 2001 edition of the 'Sky Customer Magazine', it's on page 22.


This is what I mean when I complain about the North American episodes being censored.  Can you spot the difference?


The North American version   The original Japanese version.

  I know which one I think is the coolest.  (ignore the pic quality, the first one I scanned and the second I got of the internet and is a screen cap, so it's not going to be brilliant-what do you people expect?!!

(for more examples of DBZ episodes being butchered for the sake of our fragile eyes, see my censored section)