Name Puns!!



Some of the names in Dragonball Z can seem pretty funny, especially if you are not a fan.

Names Pun
Goku Monkey/Angel
Saiyan fruit
Vegeta Vegetable
Gohan Rice
Gotten Air
Pan Bread
Chi Chi Brest
Chou-su Dumpling
Yamcha A dish
Puar Chinese tea
Lunch Lunch
Vegeta vegetable
Bardok Japanese root vegetable.
Marron Chestnut Paste.
Tienshinhan Fried Rice
Piano Piano
Tambourine Tambourine
Piccolo Piccolo
Krillen Chestnut
Videl Devil 
"Hercule" Hercules (dub version) 
Mr.Satan Satan
Kame Turtle
Kami "Other worldly power"
Oolong Amber tea