"Good for you. Piccolo"-Vegeta (Cell Games)

"man, I can't believe I'm even getting back up after this, back in the good old days I woulda just stayed down, I guess I have Goku and Gohan to blame for that"-Krillen (cell games)

"Transcending Goku has been my goal ever since I because a martial Artist, without him, I never would have come this far, and how did I repay him?  I stood by and watched his destruction, I'm not going to make the same mistake with his son"-Tien (Cell Games)

"Gregory, Bubbles, road trip!!"-Goku (afterlife tournament)

"Tell me son, can the youngest kid of Kakarot also become a Super Saiyan?"-Vegeta (Saiya-man Saga)

"Of course he can, its a Super Saiyan two for one sale"-Vegeta (Great Saiya man saga)

"Don't you realise you are up against the perfect weapon?"-Cell (Cell Games)

"Oh my, he's really serious"- Master Roshi (Cell Games)

"Hell destroy the whole planet"-Krillen (Cell Games)

"Not even Vegeta or trunks could beat him, we need Goku-Yamcha (Cell games)

"I don't care about the people of earth, but I promise you I will destroy cell"-Vegeta (Cell games)

"I've only got one arm, but one's all I need!!"-Gohan (Cell Games)

"Giving up? that doesn't sound like the Gohan I know"-Goku (Cell Games)

"Birdy, birdy Goten is a birdy"-Goten (Saiya-Man Saga)

"I hope this kid cleans his clock, you hear me? Mess him up kid!!"-King Kai (Trunks Saga)

"Are you suggesting that your Goku is stronger than my Pikkon?"-West Kai (Afterlife Tournament)

"No, he's stronger"-King Kai (Afterlife Tournament)

"Bye Dad"-Trunks (Cell Games)

"Heroes aren't all they're cracked up to be"-Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)

"Goku, you told me earlier that you are a Saiyan"-King Kai (Saiyan Saga)

"hey, our old friend Goku, back so soon?"-King Yemma (Afterlife Tournament)

 "I saw an opening that screamed attack...so...I did"-Goku (to Raccom, Namek saga)

 "If I had any special hidden powers, I'd have a head full of hair"-Krillen (Namek saga to Guru)

 "You mean neither of you muscle heads have a drivers licence?!"-Chi Chi (Android saga)

 "Where on Earth did you get those clothes?"-Goku (Android saga)

 "Your wife lent them to me...from your closet"-Piccolo (Android saga to Goku)

 "I am am the the greatest Saiyan"-Vegeta

 "Hey, don't p**s off the God of Love!!" -Dende (Namek/Frieza saga)

"When the earth dragonballs are used, all kinds of crazy stuff happens, the sky turns completely black".-Krillen  

 "whaa"-Krillen (all the time)

"You went out to buy me a red ribbon"-Marron (Cel Saga)

"Hey, she was kinda cute"-Krillen (Cel Saga)

"Boy, Mr Popo would have a heart attack if he saw this place"-Krillen

"My name is Raccom and it rimes with doom"- Raccom. (to Gohan, Vegeta and Krillen.  Namek saga) 

Nappa, remind me when we get back to have your head de-wormed"-Vegeta

"I don't have worms, I just wanna annihilate something!"- Nappa (Saiyan-Jin saga)

"Look who's chasing who?, pal!"- Vegeta (to Frieza in the Frieza Saga)

"what does a turtle hermit have with a flying cloud?"-  Bulma (Dragonball)

"Deal with it"-Master Roshi (Dragonball)

"Being a hero is over rated"-Vegeta (Saiya-jin saga, before he destroys Arlia)

"The Saiyans are a fearsome race"-Kaio (Saiya-jin saga)

"Back in my day, anyone who showed that much commitment to anything was definitely marriage material"-Mrs. Briefs. (Android saga) 

"Nice Shirt"-Trunks (Trunks saga)

"Well, if you like it that much YOU CAN HAVE IT!"-Vegeta (Trunks saga)

"I wish I had a secret identity"-Yamcha (Trunks saga)

"Is his shoe size a secret too?!"- Tien (Trunks saga)

"He's stronger than you, isn't he King Kai?"-Gregory (Saiya-jin saga)

"That boy is sure something.  Just like his old man"-Master Roshi-(Android saga)

"Who are you??!!"-Frieza (Frieza saga)

"Allis to good.  Nightmare to you"-Goku (Frieza saga)

"What's a Goku?"-King Kold (Trunks saga)