Symbols and Meanings!!




Now, don't go expecting me to get all this 100% accurate,  I can read and write one language and one language only!  (Heck, I'm Welsh, and I barley know the basics-no wonder I flunked welsh at school!)

But this is as much as I know about the DBZ symbols.  These are the symbols you see on the gi's or the clothing, mainly of Z fighters and the main characters.  They are usually their own symbol or name, or that of the master who trained them.


 Gohan- This is what you'll see on Gohan's clothes in the very first DBZ episodes (when he is wearing the most adorable little outfit with the dragonball hat).  I think it means descendant, and it shows that he is a descendant of son Gohan (Goku's grandfather). 

 Ox King-  This means Ox or bull.  Like many other DBZ characters, he first came into DB as a bad guy.  I "think" this symbol has something to do with demon.


 Piccolo- This symbol also has something to do with demon.  It IS demon.  It was originally that of Piccolo Dimauo or King Piccolo.  It is later worn by Gohan on his gi when he is trained by Piccolo after Goku's death in the Saiya-jin saga.  I bet if in Dragonball, when Goku fought Piccolo, he would have been VERY surprised if some one told him that his son would wear the same symbol with pride in the future.

 Roshi- This symbol is Master Roshi's symbol.  It means "Turtle" (turtle hermit).  It would once have been worn by Ox king and Son Gohan (Goku's grandpa), it was then worn by Goku, who later wore it along with that of Kaio, before he stopped wearing one altogether (after all, if you are the most powerful being in the universe, who is going to train you?!).  It is also worn by Krillen and Yamcha.  Krillen always wears it (as far as I know), ad Yamcha also wears it along with that of king Kai after he is trained by him after his death in the Saiya-jin saga.

 Yamcha-  This is the symbol worn by Yamcha in dragonball.  It means "fun" (I think).  It was what Yamcha wore on the front of his clothes when he was a bandit. 

 King Kai/Kaio- Kaio of the north- Like Master Roshi's symbol, this is also worn by his students, including Goku, Yamcha and King Yemma.  It it the symbol for Kaio of the North. 

 Kami- This is the symbol worn on the front of Kami's robes and means "God".  But it can also be seen as meaning "not of this world", which technically is correct, because he is a Namekian.  I'm not exactly sure, but I think it is somehow related or similar to the piccolo's symbol.  Soon as I find out for sure, it'll be up here.


I'll add more information to this site as I get it.