Tenka'ichi Boudaki!!



Meaning:  The Tenka'ichi Boudaki Tournament translated means "Strongest Under the Heavens".

The tournament was created by Akire Toriyama and was the main focus of many of the original Dragonball storylines.  It is held every 5 years, martial artist from all over the world enter.  Only 8 finalists can enter the final tournament so the contestants have to qualify in qualifying rounds to enter.  The 8 contestants then face off in one on one matches until the final, these two finalists will then compete until a winner and a runner up are found.


Rules:  Only 8 people can enter.  If you get knocked out of the ring your opponent wins.  If you get knocked out for the count of ten, your opponent wins.  If you kill your opponent-he wins (even though he/she is a little dead).   No hitting your opponent below the belt (any punches taken downstairs, or upstairs as the case may be counts as a disqualification).  Your opponent also wins if you quit or plead mercy (puff).

The tournament was stopped for many years, but was later re-started by Cel at the beginning of the Cel games, where it was to be televised all over the world to find the strongest on the planet. 



21st Tenka'ichi Boudaki:  Winner, Master Roshi, runner up Goku

22nd, Winner Goku, runner up,

23, Winner, Tien, runner up, Goku