Dragonball Z is only shown in the UK (to my knowledge) on Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network+. (Channel 601 and 602)

Mondays-Fridays (afternoons)

Cartoon Network

5.00pm-Toonami begins with Dragonball Z.

5.30-Tenchi Muyo.

Cartoon Network +

6.00pm-Dragonball Z

6.30pm-Tenchi Muyo

Mondays-Fridays (evenings)

Cartoon Network

10.00pm-Dragonball Z.

10.30-Gundam Wing

10.50- Tenchi Universe

11.15-Batman of the Future

Cartoon Network+

11.00pm-Dragonball Z

11.30- Gundam Wing

11.50- Tenchi Universe

12.15- Batman of the Future

Mondays-Fridays (mornings)

Cartoon Network

6.00am-Tenci Muyo (repeated form previous afternoon)

6.30am-Dragonball Z (repeated from previous afternoon)

Cartoon Network+

7.00am-Tenchi Muyo

7.30am-Draghonball Z.

Weekends (mornings)

Cartoon Network;

10.00am-Dragonball Z

10.30am-Gundam Wing

10.50- Tenchi Muyo

Cartoon Network +:

11.00am-Dragonball Z,

11.30am-Gundam Wing

11.50am-Tenchi Muyo

Weekend (evenings-Saturday and Sunday)

10.00pm-Dragonball Z

10.30pm-Gundam Wing

10.50pm-Tenchi Muyo