Voice Actor

#16 Jeremy Inman
#17 Chuck Huber
#18 Meredith McCoy
#19 Philip Wilburn
#20 (Dr. Gero) Kent Williams
Baba Ellen Kennedy 
Bubbles Doug Parker
Bulma Lalaina Lindberg,

Tiffany Vollmer

Captain Gynu Richard Newman,

Dale Kelly

cell Richard Newman,

Dameon  Clarke

Chi Chi Lara Sadig,

Cynthia Cranz

Chou-su Cathy Weseluck,

Monica Antonelli

Dende Paulina Gillis,

Ceyli Delgadillo

Disoria Ward Perry,
Dr Briefs Alvin Saunders,

Christopher Forbis

Frieza Pauline Newstone,

Linda Young

Garlic Jr Chuck Huber
Gohan Saffron Henderson,

Stephanie Nadonly

Teenage Gohan Kyle Hebert
Goldo Terry Klassen
Goku Ian Corlett,

Peter Kelamis,

Sean Schammel.

Gregory Doug Parker
Guildo Dylan Thompson
Guru Lee Tokabar,

Christopher Sabat

Jeice Scott McNeil,

Christopher Sabat

Kami Michael Dobson,

Christopher Sabat

King Kai Dave ward,

Sean Schemmel.

Korin Mark Britten
Krillen Terry Kalssen,

Sonny Strait.

Kuwi Ian Corlett
Master Roshi Ian Corlett,

Perte Kelamis,

Mike McFarland.

Mr. PoPo French Tickner,

Cristtopher Sabat.

Mrs. Briefs Jane Perry
Mustard John Freeman
Nappa Scott McNeil
Narrator Doc Harris
Nail Sean Schemmel
Oolong Doug Parker,

Brad Jackson

Ox King Dale Wison,

Mark Britten

Piccolo Scott McNeil,

Christopher Sabat

Puar Cathy Weseluck,

Moncia Antonelli

Raditz Jason Grey-Stanford
Recomme David Kaye

Christopher Sabat

Salt Dylan Thompson,
Spice Bart Myer
Teinshinhan Matt Smith,

John Burgermeier

Trunks Eric Johnson
Vegeta Brian Diamond,

Christopher Sabat

Yamcha Ted Cole,

Christopher Sabat

Zarbon Paul Dobson,

Christopher Sabat.


These names probably won't mean much to most people-but I always think it's nice if a character has a real name behind it.  It is nice to see a little of the people who voice the characters (even if it is only a name).  Never the less, fans deserve to know who they are, after all, the credits don't tell us who voices which character (a kind of who cares who these people are attitude).  Everybody knows who Nancy Cartwright and Dan Casteltina (spelling???) are, but how many know who Saffron Henderson or Chris Sabat are (hardcore DB fans accepted).  We fans want to know who these people are, and who they play in DBZ and elsewhere (for example-off the top of my head-Scott McNeil who plays Piccolo also voices 'Wolverine' on X-Men Evolution and 'Tiger of the Wind' in Monster Rancher).  These people should be household names!!