Humor:  What If??




So many things happen in DBZ, that you can't help wonder what would happen if this was different, or that changed, or something else didn't go the way it did.  This is MY chance to mess with the characters and the storylines.  E-mail me if you have any more suggestions.

What if Chi Chi wasn't so intent on making Gohan study all the time.

Gohan would spend less time with his nose in a book and more time training with his father at an early age.  When he was kidnapped by Raditz, he would have been aware of of his power and his potential, he would have kicked Raditz's Butt.  Piccolo and Goku wouldn't have had to team up to rescue Gohan and beat Raditz.  Raditz would be beaten by Gohan and wouldn't have told Vegeta and Nappa to come.  Raditz would be dead, Piccolo and Goku would still be enemies, and nothing would change from the first episode.  Goku and the others would never have found out about Vegeta and the other Saiyans, and no body would know about Super Saiyans.  Goku would still be alive, so he wouldn't receive training from Kaio, when Vegeta and Nappa finally do come to earth to destroy it, the Z fighters are no where near any match for them.  Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillen and all the others would be killed in the battle.  Vegeta and Nappa would collect all the Dragonballs and Vegeta wish for immortality.  The immortal Vegeta would be get meaner and meaner instead of nicer and nicer,  he would probably still have destroyed Nappa because he wouldn't need him any more.  Vegeta would then take on Frieza, he would not be as strong as Frieza, but he would be immortal, so he would eventually wear Frieza down and beat him.  He would become the ruler of the universe and eventually, through vigorous training, he would turn SSJ and be the strongest fighter in the universe.

See?  And you thought Gohan studying so much was a bad thing.  Now you know better.

What if?

What if Frieza had never blown up Planet Vegeta?

The Saiyans would have over thrown Frieza and would have become the rulers of the Universe.

Pretty short, I know, but it could have happened!!