A lot of wishes are made during the series (although not as many as I myself might have thought).  To help keep track of them, here is a glide to all the wishes made in the series (in the correct order-I hope).


1) Oolong wishes for a pair of panties.

2) Goku Wishes Bura back to life.

2) Z- Fighters are wished back to life after fighting Piccolo Daimaou.

Dragonball Z;

1) To revive Goku after being killed fighting Raditz.

2) To revive piccolo after battle with Saiyans.

3) To send Piccolo to Namek to fight Frieza with Goku, Krillen and Gohan (using Namekian Dragonballs).

4) To revive all those on Namek killed by Frieza back to life.

5) To send everybody on Namek (with the acceptation of Goku and Frieza) to Earth.

6) Krillen wished to earth's 'Check in station'. (Namekian Dragonballs)

7) Krillen wished back to life after being killed on Namek (Namekian Dragonballs).

8) Chou su revived from fight with the Saiyans. (Namekian Dragonballs)

9) Tien Wished back to life after battle with the Saiyans. (Namekian Dragonballs)

10) New Namek wished for to replace the planet destroyed by Frieza. (Namekian Dragonballs)

11) Future Trunks revived.

12)Krillen wishes for #18 to become human.

13)Earth restored after battle with Buu.

14) All the people killed by Majin Buu revived.

15) For all the  earthlings to forget about Majin Buu.

Dragonball GT;

1) Palif accidentally wishes Goku to become a kid again.

2) Bulma wishes for all the people killed by Majin Vegeta to be brought back to life.

3)Earth restored after being destroyed (Blackstar Dragonballs)

4) To revive all the people killed by Evil Shenglong