Key Stage 3 Assessment

This work was assessed by various groups of Buckinghamshire art teachers at meetings during 2003 and 2004. The meetings were used to share, discuss and moderate judgements about work in KS3. The work below was used in this process.

Each line shows a selection of the work of one student in Year 9. However, these images will only give a partial view of the ability of each student as folders were gathered at different times and may not present all the work of each student. They show outcomes and developmental work but less evidence of students' thinking or knowledge: as indicated by what they have written. Nor do they give a sense of the context in which the work was made and developed.

The student's teacher is really the only person able to make this judgement: bearing in mind the full range of evidence which includes their knowledge of the student and their observations of what the student says (or writes) and how they manage their work. This work may be a helpful reference point and a useful aide memoir for those at the meetings.

It is interesting to note how the developmental processes of GCSE are reflected in this work and in particular how some schools are using the sketchbook/working journal as the primary vehicle for teaching and learning in KS3.

Thanks are due to the following schools for permission to share this work. Burnham Upper School, Chesham Park Community College, Sir William Borlase's Grammer School, Sir William Ramsay Arts College, Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Highcrest School, Wycombe High School,

Level 3
student a
L3_b L3_d L3_e L3_c L3_a    
student b
L34_bup L32_bup L31_bup L35_bup L33_bup    
Level 4
student c
L42_bup L43_bup L41_bup L44_bup L45_bup L4_4bup2  
student d
L4_a L4_b L4_c L4_d      
student e
L4_3bup2 L4_1bup2 L4_2bup2 L4_5bup2      
student f
L4_hcrst47 L4_hcrst46          
Level 5
student g
L51_bup L52_bup L53_bup L54_bup      
student h
L5_1bup2 L5_2bup2 L5_3bup2 L5_5bup2 L5_6bup2    
student i
L5_d L5_c L5_b L5_a
Level 6
student j
L6_c L6_a L6_b L6_e L6_d L6_f  
student k
L6_shf61 L6_shf62 L6_shf63 L6_shf64 L6_shf65    
Level 7
student l
L7_blse71 L7_blse75 L7_blse73 L7_blse74 L7_blse72    
student m
L7d_acooper L7a_acooper L7f_acooper L7e_acooper L7c_acooper L7b_acooper