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Bark Rubbings, as an aid to tree recognition

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This is similar to brass rubbing... By rubbing a hard wax crayon over a thin piece of paper that is placed on the bark of a tree the resulting patterns may be compared or used as a recognition tool. All of these patterns are to the same scale.

Bark rubbing of the sycamore tree Sycamore Bark rubbing of the horse chestnut Horse Chestnut Bark rubbing of the spanish chestnut tree Spanish Chestnut

Bark rubbing of the lime tree Lime Bark rubbing of the beech tree Beech

Notice has to be taken of the age of the tree, the bark of a fifty year old Horse Chestnut tree will different to that of a ten year old specimen. Even in Winter a tree can be recognised by it's bark and overall appearance. Sr. Catherine uses a particular set of trees in her locality that she has marked for reference.

Sr. Catherine also uses a fold out chart of 'The Trees of Ireland'. As yet I am unsure of copyright in respect of this item, but it may appear later as a sub page if I can obtain permission. There is a link to the 'Tree Council of Ireland' at top left for further information.

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