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British Beekeepers Association

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This is the umbrella organisation that gathers together almost all UK Beekeeping Associations and some individuals that do not belong to "county" associations.

Facsimile of BBKA Logo Click on the facsimile of their logo or this text to link direct to their website
British Beekeepers Association, National Beekeeping Centre
National Agricultural Association
Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth
Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ
phone: 02476 696679     fax: 02476 690682
Email: information@bbka.demon.co.uk

There may be some problems in accessing the BBKA website as they are in process of limiting access to certain areas for what they term as 'non members'. This is linked to their production of a database of the membership of member associations. If you cannot gain access then I suggest that you use the Email link in the panel above to ask for a user name and password. If you are a member of an affiliated association you will find such access details in recent copies of BBKA News.

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