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Most Beekeepers have their own 'pet' methods and I am no different. Please accept that I have done much research and put a great deal of thought into them. Even so, my methods may not suit everyone.

I may promote certain aspects of beekeeping, but please do not accept them as 'the definitive standard'. I have modified my ideas several times in the light of experience and new thinking. I am currently revising my approach again due to recently onset disability.

Please study the material that I put forward and accept or reject it according to the way it aligns with your own ideas. This is what progress is all about. The more that established thinking is challenged and discussed the more we will all ultimately know.

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Written... 02 April 2000, Revised... many times, Revised... 18 & 26 January 2002, Revised... 21 August 2002, Revised... 07 June 2003,

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