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Bee Books and Beekeeping Books
These fall into several categories...

Beginner's 'How to' books, Encyclopeadic books
Books on specific topics, Secondhand Books
Collectors Books

All types of Beekeeping books can be purchased but most Beekeeping Associations have libraries of their own that members may borrow from.

This page contains information "borrowed" from Northern Bee Books (and Others). The Personal Library information is far from complete, but it may give you insight into my previous reading, which has probably influenced my thinking.

This is a list of beekeeping and allied books that is offered for information only
(I am no longer a bookseller, but you may find some books listed under
Secondhand Equipment).

Abbreviations used are HB... Hardback, SB... Softback, PB... Paperback, OOP... Out of Print
"Status" background colours... Pink = In my personal library, Blue = Thinking about acquisition.
AuthorTITLEGuide PriceStatus
A.A.P.A.Protecting Honey Bees from Varroa1.50
AASPPollen of the United States28.50
AbbiwUseful Plants of Ghana16.50
Abbott (C.P)Queen Breeding for AmateursPB
AdamBeekeeping at Buckfast Abbey8.95
AdamBreeding the HoneybeeOOP
AdamIn Search of the Best Strains of Bees12.00
AebiMastering the Art of beekeeping Vol 18.10
AebiMastering the Art of beekeeping Vol 29.50
AlfordProvisional Atlas of Insects (Bumble Bees)1.40
AlstonHives and Honey Bees in Signs7.75
AtkinsonBackground to Bee Breeding26.00SB
BaileyHoney Bee Pathology67.50HB
BarbosaNovel Aspects of Insect - Plant Interaction57.5
BarrettAustralian Beekeeping Bibliography5.50
BatesAn Introduction to Bee Houses4.75
BattershillBeeswax Crafts10.95
BBKAHoneybee Anatomy4.50
BBKAHive Plan Modified National1.20
BBKABBKA Hive Plan Smith1.20
BBKAHive Plan Langstroth1.20
BBKAHive Plan Sundown Floor1.20
BBKAHive Plan WBC1.20
BBKABees in the Curriculum19.00
BBKALeaflet Finding and Marking the Queen1.75
BBKALeaflet Taking a Sample of Adult Bees1.75
BerryQueen Rearing with Simplicity1.85
BertholdBeeswax Crafting13.25
BertholfReactions of the Honeybee to LightPB
BeswickBritish Traditional Honey Drinks3.00
BIBBAGuidelines for Bee BreedingSB
BIBBAVideo:- Bee Breeding and Queen Rearing18.50
BIBBAPedigree Bee Breeding4.90
BIBBAThe Way AheadPB
BoltonIdentification of the Ant Genera of the World43.00
BoltonA New General Catalogue of Ants of the World82.00
BonneyHive Management11.75
BossomEncaustic Art8.95
BrackenburyInsects in Flight22.60
BBJThe Ambrose Colouring Book1.25
BrownBees, A Seasonal Guide to Management11.00
BrownEconomical Beekeeping1.95
BrownManaging Mininucs1.95
BrownGreat Masters of Beekeeping13.00
BrownLook Listen and Learn1.90
BrownA Simple Two Queen System1.25
BrownHoneybee Swarms3.75
BuckleDo you know about Honey Bees7.75
BurtSwarm Control0.70
ButlerThe HoneybeeHB
CalderRecipes using Beeswax Cook Book1.50
CalderSweet and Savoury Cook Book1.50
CalderHealth and Honey1.50
CA/PAManaging Bees for Crop Pollination5.00
CA/PAHoneybee Diseases and Pests4.50
CA/PAHoneybee Diseases and Pests 2nd Edition5.50
ClarkA Beekeeping Glossary2.00
CONBAVideo:- Varroa10.00
ConstableCandle Making, Beginners Guide6.95
ConstableCandlemaking, Creative Techniques9.50
CookHoney Prodn./Colony/Queen Cells
CooperThe Honeybees of the British Isles7.50
CottonA Manual for New Zealand Bee KeepersHB
CottonBuzz a Buzz8.85
CottonMy Bee BookHB
CoustonPrinciples of Practical Beekeeping9.75
CoustonFly with the Beeman9.25
CrampThe Beekeepers Field Guide14.45
CraneWorld History of Beekeeping90.00
CraneBee Hives of the Ancient World4.50
CroftCuriosities of Beekeeping4.25
CroftProfitable Beekeeping5.75
DadantThe Hive and the Honeybee38.00
DadeAnatomy and Dissection21.45
DalbyHoney Microwave Cookery Recipes1.50
DargA Guide to Swarm Control2.50
DargDarg A Hive of Industry2.50
DargLiving with Varroa Jacobsoni2.50
DargQueen Rearing2.50
DargSeasonal Management2.50
DargThe Beeway Code2.50
DargThe Selection of Apiary Sites2.50
DartingtonEquipment for New Beekeeping12Spiral
DartingtonNew Beekeeping in Long Deep Hive4.50SB
DartingtonManagement of a Honeybee ColonyPB
DavisBeekeeping in Swarming Season5.00SB
De BruynPractical Beekeeping27.00
DelaplaneHoney Bees and Beekeeping16.00
Dews/MilnerBreeding Better Bees3.70SB
DonovanHunting Wild Bees9.15
DrescherTech. Co-op Activities5.00
DublonPractical Queen Rearing12.50
DugatThe Skyscraper HiveHB
EdwardsThe Bee-Master of Warrilow4.30
EvansThe Complete Guide to Beekeeping18.65
FAOValue Added Products from Beekeeping35.00
FatigatiBzz - A Beekeepers Primer4.25
FertBreeding Queens12.50SB
FIBKABees, Hives and HoneySB
FieldHoney Days16.75HB
FieldHoney Days11.75
FieldHoney by the Ton8.95
FieldBeautiful Queens and Honey Too1.95
FosterBee Boles and Bee Houses3.65SB
FreeHoneybee Biology11.50
FreeKeeping Bees11.50
FreeThe Social Organization of Honey Bees5.75
Frisch (Von)Bees5.00
FurnessHoney Wines and Beers4.00
FurzeyVideo:- Beekeeping19.50
GaltonThe Bee Hive3.75
GessThe Pollen Wasps36.00
GoodwinElimination of AFB without Drugs8.75
GreggThe Philosophy and Practice5.00
HardingBritish Books, The Definitive Bibliography22.50
HawcockBouncing Bee2.50
HealeyMicroscopes & Microscopic LifePB
HeathA Case of Hives6.75
HepburnHoneybees and Wax47.00
HillVirtues of Honey1.00
HodgesThe Pollen Loads of the Honeybee37.50
HooperGuide to Bees and Honey17.95HB
HooperGuide to Bees and Honey10.95SB
HowePractical Beekeeping5.00
HullI want to Dance6.50
IoyrishBees and People6.00
JacksonSmoking Allowed5.95
JaycoxBeekeeping Tips and Topics6.75
JenkinsQueen Raising the Jenkins Way2.30SB
JohansenPollinator Protection15.00
JohanssonApiculture Lit. Published in USA6.70
JohanssonSome Important Operations7.95
JohnstonA Nomad Amongst the Bees5.50
KirkThe Colour Guide to Pollen Loads14.00
KirkInsects on Cabbage & Oilseed Rape9.60
LaidlawInstrumental Insemination or Honey Bee QueensSpiral
Laidlaw/PageQueen Rearing and Bee Breeding
LawesThe Bee Book Book9.25
LawesThe Bee Book Book19.25HB
Manch. Micro Soc.First Steps in a Secret World3.00
MacePractical BeekeepingSB
ManleyHoney Farming8.95
MathesonPractical Beekeeping in New Zealand15.00
MathesonLiving with Varroa15.75
MathesonBumble Bees9.00
MathesonForaging for Bees/Agricultural Landscapes15.75
MathesonNew Perspectives on Varroa16.50
Mc ArthurSwarm Trigger Discovered5.50
Mc GreggorInsect Poll. of Cult. Crop Plants18.15
MeadHoney Cookery Cook Book1.50
MenzelNeurobiology and Behavior of Honeybees50.00
MeyerMicroscopy on a ShoestringHB
MesquidaElements of Genetics4.00
MichenerThe Social Behavior of the Bee33.00
MilnerBeekeeping in Britain1.95
MobleyMake Your Own Glass QuiltPB
MobusThe New Varroa Handbook9.50
MobusPedigree Bee Breeding5.90
MoffettJustice in Nowata6.00
MoreThe Bee Book8.45
MoreDiscovering Beekeeping3.50PB
MorseA Year in the Beeyard7.95
MorseComplete Guide to Beekeeping7.75
MorseMaking Mead (Honey Wine)7.95
MorseRearing Queen Honey Bees10.75
MorseHoney Bee Pests, Predators and Diseases23.00
Morse/HooperEncyclopedia of Beekeeping (Illustrated)OOPHB
MrazHealth and the Honeybee10.00
Munn(ed)Beeswax and Propolis5.75
NBBYorkshire Honey Cookbook1.50
NijhoutInsect Hormones37.50
OwsiankaThe Legend of the Hive9.50
PamVarroa Mesh Floors4.50
ParkDance of the Honeybee-Precis5.50
PellettA Living From BeesHB
PellettProductive Bee-keepingHB
PopescuThe Honey Cookbook7.99
PosthumusDe Bij en Imker (The Bee and Beekeeper)13.50
ProctorThe Natural History of Pollination18.45
Prys. JonesBumblebees9.75
RansomeThe Sacred Bee12.00
RiceQueens' land10.95
Richards & DaviesImms General Textbook25.00
RichesBee Keeping4.00
RichesA Handbook of Beekeeping14.25
RichesHoney Marketing7.95
RobertsM B V Biology-A Functional Approach16.50
RootABC and XYZ of Bee Culture32.00
RootThe New Starting Right4.50
RootQueen Management5.95
RootSelling Honey5.95
RussellSpray Liaison3.75
RuttnerBiogeography and Taxonomy of Honeybees68.00
RuttnerBreeding Techniques and Selection5.00
RuttnerThe Dark European Honey Bee4.75SB
SaywerHoney Identification17.25
SBABees and Beekeeping2.50
ScottA Murmur of Bees4.65
SeeleyWisdom of the Hive36.25
Sheffield UniversityVideo:- Dancing for their Supper19.50
ShowlerThe Observation Hive9.85
SimminsA Modern Bee FarmHB
SimsSixty Years with Bees21.85HB
SimsSixty Years with Bees15.00
SkillingSixty Years with Smoker and Veil5.75
SladenThe Humble Bee16.95
SmailesRaise Your Own QueensSB
Smith & FrimstonBeekeeping and the Law11.55
SnelgroveThe Introduction of Queen BeesHB
SnodgrassAnatomy of the Honey Bee37.95HB
SnodgrassAnatomy of the Honey Bee16.60
SteinRoyal JellyPB
Stephens-PotterThe Beekeepers Manual9.50
StuartBeekeeping 1580-16605.50
StyleHoney, From Hive to Honeypot11.45
Susan CobeyVideo:- Instrumental Insemination of Honeybee Queens26.50
TaberBreeding Super Bees13.45
TaylorMake Yourself a Nucleus Hive1.95
TaylorThe Best of Bee Talk10.25
TaylorMake yourself a Honey Warming Cabinet4.50
TealeThe Golden Throng11.95
ThorneVideo:- Search for Varroa in UK16.50
ThorneVideo:- Living with Varroa16.40
TinsleyThat Year at Cornborough 6.95
TompkinsPractical Beekeeping7.00
TonsleyHoney for Health5.25
TonzTwo for the Honey9.95
ValliHunting for Honey36.95
VermaBeekeeping in Integrated Dev.27.25
VernonHogs at the Honeypot4.75
WaineBackground to Beekeeping13.45
WalkerCatalogue of Bee Books5.85
WardleHoney Cakes and Biscuits2.75
Waring (Adrian)Better Beginnings for Beekeepers6.00
Waring (Claire)Video:- Nepal, its Bees & Beekeeping17.50
WatsonThe Bee Man of County Clare7.50
WatsonBeekeeping in Ireland13.00
WedmoreA Manual of Beekeeping16.95
WeightmanThe Border BeesHB
WennerAnatomy of a Controversy36.00
WhitePollen, its Collection for the Microscope3.00
WhiteMore Honey in the Kitchen7.75
WhiteSoap Recipes13.50
WhiteSuper Formulas9.95
WhiteheadHoney Bees & their ManagementHB
WildmanA Treatise on the Management of Bees5.00
WilliamsBeekeeping Potential/Oilseed Rape0.50
WilsonThe Insect Societies19.25
WinstonBiology of the Honey Bee15.25
YatesBeekeeping Study Notes12.75
YatesNudge Nudge Hint Hint6.75
YatesSenior Study Notes8.25
YatesBeekeeping Study Notes (Modules 1,2,3,4)28.00
YatesBeekeeping Study Notes (Modules 5,6,7,8)28.00
YatesBeekeeping Study Notes (Module 9) Microscopy Cert.9.00
YatesBeekeeping Study Notes (Basic Exams)12.50
YeoSolitary Wasps9.70
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