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B.S. Commercial Frame Sides
B.S. Commercial Top Bars
B.S. Commercial Bottom bars
B.S. Commercial Frame Dimensions
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British Standard Commercial Frame Parts

Whilst the 22 mm width top bars are included in the drawings for the other B.S. frame types. As they are more trouble than the small savings in cost are worth in the increased handling time, that they incur due to the excessive brace comb that is built on them. They are not included here as it would be silly to suggest that such a hinderance would be tolerated in a 'Commercial' undertaking

The larger Brood chamber is not well suited to British Native bees, but it is used in the southern parts of England, where the majority of stocks are of foreign strains that need the extra warmth and generate large amounts of brood.

This type of hive has its supporters, but it is not successfully used much further north than Northampton.

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Revised... 07 November 2001