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Beeswax as a Comodity

Beeswax has many uses:- For coating sewing thread,
Reducing splintering during glass cutting, Enabling chisels to 'bite' during carving,
Manufacture of polishes, Manufacture of foundation for Beekeeping,
Manufacture of high quality candles,

BEESWAX ITEMS (future has orange background)

DescriptionWeight gmSizeQuantityCode
BS Deep unwired worker foundation cell size 5.4mm51persheetBSDUF
BS Deep unwired worker foundation cell size 4.9mm51persheetBSDUF1
BS Deep composite unwired foundation Drone max 4.9mm51persheetBSDUF2
BS Deep composite unwired foundation Drone int 4.9mm51persheetBSDUF3
BS Deep composite unwired foundation Drone min 4.9mm51persheetBSDUF4
BS Deep unwired foundation 4.9mm one side Drone the other60persheetBSDUF5
BS Shallow unwired worker foundation31persheetBSSUF
Queen Cell Cups?perTenBWQCC
Rectangular bars28smalleachBWBAR
Hexagonal block28smalleachBWHEX1
Hexagonal block42largeeachBWHEX2
Sewing Disc6smalleachBWSD1
Sewing Disc10largeeachBWSD2

The composite foundation has an arch of drone cells over a main area of worker cells. Min Intermediate and max refer to the amount of drone cells so that the nest can be graded for earliest possible drone production. The 4.9 mm cell size is more suited to "Theaker" Bees and other varieties of native apis mellifera mellifera. The foundation with drone cells one side and worker cells the other is being developed for an experiment in the transplantation of drone eggs. I will also try this type of foundation in some supers to see what will happen.

The sewing discs are sometimes used by darts players to enhance the grip of their fingers on the darts.

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Revised... 27 November 2001