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Capping Quality

The method and neatness of the closing of the cell, when it is full of ripe honey, varies considerably fom colony to colony and race to race.

We beekeepers set great store by the quality and appearance of the wax cappings. This is also reflected in the price that customers are prepared to pay

There are racial differences in the regularity of capping and the appearance of the resulting honycomb.

White cappings are generally the most highly prized, and those that have a small airspace and slight doming are the highest prized of all.

Greasy cappings are not actually slippery, they just have a greasy appearance. There are no airspaces and the wax is often a yellow colour. Comb of this type can be used to form chunks for inclusion in "Chunk honey" as it is less likely to retain air bubbles on its surface as can happen if domed white honeycomb cappings are used.

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Generated... 07 December 2001
Written... 18 January 2002