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Chemical Treatments for Honey Bee Problems

Regrettably a few of the links still go to blank pages, but the situation is improving as I obtain more of the manufacturer's information and conditions of use.

I do not endorse or promote any particular treatment. Please ascertain that the treatment you give is licensed or approved in your relevant country.

I try to rotate the treatments that I give to my bees to reduce the risk of resistance being imparted to the offending organism.

I have done little research into essential oil therapies and I intend to do some in the future using 'Nassenheider' evaporators. Most essential oil techniques are aimed at varroa and thus will appear on the Varroa Treatment page.

Thymol crystals can used directly by evaporating in a Frakno frame, or similar device.

Various methods are used to deliver the chemicals. The Bee Institute at Dol in the Czech Republic have produced two standardised methods of fumigation. Dol strips can be used within the hive and as they smoulder they evaporate the active chemicals into a vapour that pervades the hive. They have also developed an atomiser pump that can be used to deliver the same materials as an ultra fine mist, via a flattened nozzle, direct into the hive entrance.

All Chemicals should be treated with care and respect, some of them can be dangerous to humans or other life forms. Some of these chemicals have product specific Data Sheets, but for those that do not you should still use gloves for handling and goggles for liquids.

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