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B.S. Commercial Frames
Clearer or Escape Boards
Cassette Drone Frame
B.S Commercial Brood Box
B.S Commercial Super
Hamilton Converter
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British Standard Commercial Bee Hive

Originally developed by Samuel Simmins as "The National Major" Hive.

It has 16" x 10" and 16" x 6" frames with short lugs. It is available in both Top Bee Space and Bottom Bee Space versions.

Only the Brood Box and Super, and their respective frames, are detailed here... The other components being selected from the "National" or "Rational" ranges.

It is common for National supers to be used instead of the 16" x 6" version owing to the lesser weight of the former.

The addition of a 'Hamilton converter' enables the use of 9, 16" x 10" frames in a National Brood Box.

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Written... April/May 2000, Revised... 31 December 2001, Revised... 28 May 2003,

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