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Comb Honey, Section Honey and Chunk Honey

honey in the comb has been produced and sold for centuries and has been highly prized by every generation up until a few years ago.

Cut comb honey and section honey are less popular that they deserve to be... This is not due to the product or any defect that is perceived, but is due to a lack of knowledge on behalf of the customer.

Education must be our aim so that the public may recognise the quality and flavour of probably the best product of the bee hive.

Cut comb is often tackled by beginners as it does not require the use of a centrifugal extractor. However the experienced beekeeper can bring a finesse to presentation by the use of bees that exhibit good quality of capping and there are certain 'tricks' of presentation that enhance the sales of a good product and help you win prizes at honey shows.

Section honey is still popular in some places where its quality is recognised and an easy method of producing very high quality sections is linked in the menu above left.

marketing is dealt with on the page selling honey.

Chunk Honey is simply small pieces of cut comb placed in a jar and topped up with a clear and light honey so that the comb can be readily seen from outside the jar.

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Written... 18 January 2002, Revised... 12 Aug 2002