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Creme Polish

An emulsified beeswax polish with a consistency similar to yoghurt, but much better polishing properties!

Similar to commercially available products, but uses beeswax rather than the paraffin wax that is widely used.

Care should be taken with some types of shiny leather as the solvent used in it's fomulation may dissolve some of the synthetic 'painted' finishes that are common on imported goods.

Can be used on most plastic laminates and on most "melamine" type finishes, but test a small area first in case there is a reaction.

Built up deposits of old wax polish and grime can be removed by applying the emulsion thickly, leaving for a few minutes and then wiping off. The success of this method can be judged by to colour of the wiping cloth after removal!

Plastic television cabinets or electical items can also be polished using this creme, but again, test a small area first.

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Written... April 2000
Revised... 28 January 2002