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National Top bars, for producing cut comb

Tolerances are + 0.1 mm
Material... Softwoods are suitable, but all those that I manufactured at APEX Enterprises were made from hardwood.

The Stamfordham Top bar is supplied as a set of ten along with a 'normal' top bar that will accept a sheet or triangle of foundation in order to get the bees started on their job.

Stamfordham Type Cut Comb Topbar

Apex type 2B Top bar

APEX Type 2B Topbar compatible with B.S. frames

In order to limit the places where wax moth could pupate, the central groove did not run to the ends, but finished at a point that was covered by a sidebar (if one was used).

Apex type 2A Top bar

APEX Type 2A Cut Comb Topbar

This 2A type was manufactured in two forms... The one shown here was used for cut comb production. The other type (link) was without a groove and had drilled holes and was used to mount pairs of half width breeding frames for use in full sized brood boxes.

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Written... 28 September 2001, Revised... 04 February 2002
Revised... 16 Aug 2002