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Buckfast Dadant
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Dadant Hive

Has many common features with Langstroth type.

Originally held 11 frames spaced at 38mm, but most commonly used as a 10 frame unit to be compatible with the 10 frame Langstroth footprint. Used in this way it is usually called the Langstroth Jumbo.

The largest influence of the Dadant hive is in the Dadant depth supers and frames commonly employed on many Langstroth hives.

Buckfast Dadant is a 12 frame version that has a square body. These are mainly found in areas that are close to Buckfast Abbey or in places where Bro. Adam's followers have gathered into groups. (A page will be produced later along with dimensioned drawings)

Dadant Blatt still has quite a following in France, but little is known about it in English speaking countries.

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Written... Autumn 2000
Revised... 07 February 2002