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Beekeeping Examinations
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The Education of Beekeepers

A list of links or information on where more details can be obtained.

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Agricultural Colleges
Some agricultural colleges may have their own beekeeping staff, but those that do not may well have links with local beekeeping associations that will be happy to provide beekeeping tuition.

The British Beekeepers Association
have a series of examinations that provide a framework for beekeeping knowledge.

Gormanston Summer School
Run by the Federation of Irish Beekeepers' Associations, this can give practical teaching to beginners and experts alike. A series of qualifications can be obtained that have academic recognition. The document Gormanston Aims and Facilities gives more details, whilst Gormanston 2000 (A personal View) and Gormanston 2001 as well as Gormanston 2002 and Gormanston 2003 give my personal accounts and reviews of the events year by year.

Beekeeping Conferences & Lecture Meetings
Cambridge Beekeepers One Day Event... A good day out with food for thought and meeting old acquaintances. BIBBA run a high quality three day event biennially every "even" year. There are lecture streams at the "Spring Convention" (follow BBKA link) and the National Honey Show.

Local Associations
There are beekeeping associations in most counties and many now have their own websites. Links to Various Associations (some are maintained well others may seem a little derelict).

Friends or "Mentors"
One to one tuition will get you learning the fastest, but you have to make sure that your teacher (who may be willing) also has the knowledge to impart.

The internet
There are many beekeeping websites available... My aim with this one is to provide a repository for information that has not been recorded elsewhere. Much of the knowledge that is on this website was gained whilst I was the proprietor of APEX ENTERPRISES during which time I conducted about 12,000 hours of research. Inevitably there are duplications of things that are dealt with elsewhere and there may be a few mistakes, but in general you will find information that has been tested and proven (or if it is conjecture, it will have a note indicating so).

There are also internet based discussion groups, the page Newsgroups gives information on many such groups and how to join them.

Information Exposure
Although this is a website that I have generated... If you have information about bees or beekeeping, that you think needs publishing... Email Me! If I agree that the information needs to reach a wider public, I will produce a page and slot it into this website (full credit will be given to the originator).

Electronic means are not exhaustive, there is much information that is still only available as "words on paper". The Beekeeping Book List that I have produced is as up to date as any and I will add items from time to time as they are published.

Magazine Articles
There are various articles written by others and some that I have written myself that can be accessed at Beekeeping Articles

There is a program of teaching being developed in Irish schools by Sr. Catherine Duffy. This program is also linked to other schools and groups of children in USA by using the internet.

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