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Details of Flowerpots
& How to cut them.

Specially prepared frames
Postal transmission
of fertilised eggs

Drone Transplanting
Ensuring 'New Laid Eggs'
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The Transplanting of Honey Bee Eggs

The idea of using plant pot rims was suggested by Arthur Johnson.

The technique of using such rims was developed by Albert Knight and Arthur Johnson for postal transmission of breeding material.

I have merely expanded upon it to include a method of "transplanting" desirable drones into colonies that might otherwise have produced poorer quality drones.

The method uses rim sections cut from inexpensive 3" plastic flower pots. Two different types of flowerpot are used so that the rim from one will sit neatly inside the rim of the other type.

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Written... August 2000, Revised... 02 March 2002, Revised... 25 June 2003,

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