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Entrance Blocks for National Floors

3rd Angle The Grain should run along the longest dimension of these parts.

Any type of wood will suffice for this component, but hardwoods are more durable and may warp less.

Entrance Blocks for National Hives

The items as drawn left are made more durable if they are soaked in

linseed oil

and when dry have

petroleum jelly

rubbed into all surfaces, this will ensure a lifetime of use.

Special block for use with "Sundown" floor.

Sundown Entrance BlockThis entrance block can be fitted in different ways to block the entrance, allow a 9 mm entrance or can be removed completely to provide an 18 mm entrance. Owing to it's thin cross section this sort of block is best made from hardwood to reduce distortion due to warping.

During the 2000 season robbing seemed more intense, and entrance notches of 9 mm x 9 mm had to be used by several beekeepers local to me. (I used some with a single 10 mm diameter drilled hole.)

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Revised... 04 October 2001
Revised... 06 March 2002