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Equipment Supplies, for UK beekeeping

Items in the list on the left hand side of this page are offered for sale by myself, not as a business venture, but they are items that I keep in stock for my own beekeeping use. As they are there, they may as well be available to others.

Exclamation Mark As of February 2004 this page will not be further updated. Any future updates will occur on the replacement pages which are situated at for UK for rest of world
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If you require anything other than the items on the left of this page or the page of
secondhand items then please use the 'Appliance Trade' (there are some links in the lower portion of this page).

Thorne's Logo E.H. THORNE (Beehives) LTD
Beehive Works, Wragby, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. LN8 5LA
phone: 01673 858555   fax: 01673 857004   Email:
(Click on the logo for their website)

National Bee Supplies Logo

Exeter Bee Supplies...

This company has now become... National Bee Supplies and carries a full range of equipment.
National Bee Supplies,   Merrivale Road   Exeter Road Industrial Estate,   Oakhampton,   Devon
phone: 01837 54084   fax: 01837 54085   Email:
(Click on the logo for their website)

Link to Sherriff

Sherriff Bee Suits:-

B.J. Sherriff
Carclew Road,   Mylor Downs,
Falmouth,   Cornwall.   TR11 5UN
Tel: +44 (0)1872 863304   Fax: +44 (0)1872 865267
(Click on the logo for their website)

Link to BBwear

BBwear protective clothing for beekeepers:-

BBwear,   1 Glyn Way,   Threemilestone,
Truro,   Cornwall.   TR3 6DT Tel: +44 (0)1872 273693   Fax: +44 (0)1872 273693
(Click on the logo for their website)

Maisemore Apiaries:-

Old Road, Maisemore. Gloucestershire. phone: 01452 700289
website:     Email: (Phone before travelling)

swienty logo Swienty are a Danish company, but they deal with many customers in the UK.
PLEASE NOTE... The logo shown here has been superseded by a new design, as this is an old page it has been left for reference purposes, please use the details and link from the similar section of the new page.
Swienty A/S   Hørtoftvej 16   6400 Sønderborg   DANMARK
phone: +45 74 48 69 69   fax: +45 74 48 80 01   Email:
Business hours   Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00

Bjørn Andresen and Josephine Mørk Hansen will make you most welcome and they will go to great lengths to ensure that your beekeeping requirements are satisfied. (Click on the logo for their website)

stamfordham logo Stamfordham Ltd
Heugh House,   Heugh,   Newcastle upon Tyne,   NE18 0NH
phone: (01661) 886219   fax: (01661) 886086
Email: Michael Lewis...
(Click on the logo for their website)

park beekeeping supplies logo Park Beekeeping Supplies
17 Blackheath Business Centre,   78b Blackheath Hill,   London.   SE10 8BA
phone: 0208 694 9960   fax: 0208 694 8217
(Click on the logo for their website)

There are many other suppliers, but this page is generally limited to those that have a web presence. If you would like to be included send your URL and other details by Email using the button at the page bottom.

In all things there are exceptions...
For Jenter, Jz/Bz & Apidea you will have to write, phone or visit...

Bee Equipped on Saturdays... 9.00 am - 6.00 pm, Sundays... 9.00 am - 2.00 pm or evenings by arrangement.
They also welcome mail order to:--

Brunswood Farm, Brunswood Lane, Bradley, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. DE6 1PN.
Phone 01335 370567

Another exception to the rule...
Is B. J. Engineering who make metal components for beekeepers. Follow the link to a page that gives the address and more details.

Ben Harden is an Irish supplier (who incidentally is qualified to NDB). He does not have a website, but he is halfway towards 'wired' status as he has Email... The illustration at right is a facsimile of his business card.

ben harden's Business Card

Beebitz Logo Michael Jay Beekeeping Supplies
Stile Farm, Hinton Blewett, Temple Cloud, Somerset,
United Kingdom, BS39 5AS
phone: +44 (0) 1761 452344   fax: (+44 (0) 1761 451065
Email: Michael Jay...
(Click on the logo for their website)

Paynes Southdown Bee Farm Paynes Southdown Bee Farm
Wickam Hill, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 9NP phone: 01273 843388   fax: 01273 843388
(Click on the picture for their website)

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