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Reports on or about Meetings and Events

During the year there are various meetings and events that I regularly attend... The list at the left is not complete, but is at least representative of events with a beekeeping interest.

Stoneleigh Show and Convention has been a regular event as originally an exhibitor/trader when I was in the beekeeping equipment manufacturing business, but lately just as a social event and an opportunity to meet and talk to many old friends and pick up those odd beekeeping items that one always seems to need. This event is turned into a two day session by some as BIBBA AGM is usually held on the following day on the same site.

L&RBKA summer teaching meetings at the Brooksby bee yard are the place I am at on most Tuesday evenings throughout April to end of July. These Tuesday evening meetings continue for me throughout most of the year as there is a group of dedicated volunteers that gather to clean up equipment and make it ready for the Summer teaching season or for sale to bolster the charity's funds. I take little part in the physical proceedings, but I have a coffee and chat and on at least three occasions through the year we have a sub committee meeting to sort out finances and programs for the teaching apiary.

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