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Experiments in beekeeping

Over my beekeeping career I have conducted many experiments with bees and beekeeping methods.

Most of these have been to verify or question existing writings. Some of these had no direct purpose, but I include them here under the heading "Trivial Experiments".

Trivial Experiments

Perhaps this is an unusual title, but I have performed various experiments on the basis of "What Happens If". There were no underlying reasons in many of the cases other than "There May Be Something To Be Discovered". The results are recorded here and if anyone can collate this with other information to come up with something, all well and good my only excuse is "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained" and the fact that I enjoyed doing the experiments anyway.

Suggested Trials

Is a page of links to suggestions for experimentation that can be followed up by individual beekeepers... The results from which may help to guide others to yet more experiments that will ultimately increase our knowledge of the honey bee.

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Written... August/September 2000, Revised... 01 February 2002
Revised... 11 & 23 December 2002