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Extractors for Honey and Beeswax

Ultimately there will be several designs of honey extractor represented, but they will only be representative of type... Tangential, radial, parallel radial, I do not intend to cover every make or model. However there is a type that was historically known as "Harborough" which alludes to it being designed or manufactured in Market Harborough (which is near where I live). I would like more details on this item of equipment... If anyone has them.

The honey presses will be a small one rather like a wine press and a large one that is used by Buckfast abbey.

The slum gum wax press is only applicable to commercial foundation makers... In fact I have only ever seen one.

Granulated Honey has it's own set of methods that are not exactly 'extractors' even though they are extraction methods.

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Written... 09 February 2002, Addition... 23 June 2002